Is the piece I am interested in available in other colors?

Most of our covers are offered in more than one color. If you have your cover number you may e-mail or phone and we can advise the current colors available.

How do I clean and care for my upholstered (leather or fabric) furniture?

The cleaning of certain types of covers (fabrics or leathers) will depend on the type of fabric or leather. Please review your hangtag information for the type of fabric or leather you have and follow the cleaning instructions. Care must be taken when applying any chemical to fabrics or leathers.

What is the difference between the overall dimensions and seating dimensions?

The seat dimensions are measurements from the seat cushion to the floor and inside the arms. Overall dimensions would include the back and arms.

How do I read the measurements given for a piece of furniture or measure a piece myself?

Generally we offer overall measurements that include the height (top to bottom), depth (front of the piece to the wall) and width (left to right on the front of the piece).

I saw an advertisement for Sims Furniture and would like some additional information. Who should I contact?

You need to contact our Cutomer Service Department at ((352) 796-1546. Your local Show Room will also be able to answer any questions with regards to the ad. You can visit the Show Room page on this website to find the nearest Show Room to you.

If I give you my  contact information by completing the form on this website, will you sell my contact information?

We do not sell your contact information to other companies. We only ask for this information to determine the best way to assist you and to contact you in the event we need further information.

Where can I send a concern or a complaint about my furniture?

You can send them via e-mail to [email protected] or phone us at (352) 796-1546 and request the Customer Service Department. If you would like to send a formal complaint please mail your letter to the Sims Furniture Galleries, LLC. 1505 West Jefferson Street. Brooksville, FL 34601 Attn: Customer Service.

Why don't you show any prices on your web site?

The simsgalleries.com web site is designed to give you an idea of what products and brands we sell. The site is here to inform you of any updates in our product list and offer you our most recent specials.