extending dining table space-efficient

Are Extending Dining Table Sets Space-Efficient?

If you’re looking to save space, wouldn’t you think that an extending dining table set be space-efficient?

Design Tips for Living in a Small Space

The answer is yes, not surprisingly, but it also depends.

Yes, extending dining tables tend to be more compact when the leaf isn’t being used, but, like most other things, space efficiency is relative.

An extending dining table will save you an average of 18 inches, and that may or may not give you significantly room depending on your space.

For instance, saving 18 inches in a studio apartment is more significant than saving 18 inches in a two or three-bedroom home.

In addition to the size of your space, the type of extending table also needs to be taken into account.

There are several different kinds of extending dining tables: ones with a butterfly leaf, ones with drop leaves, and ones with a regular leaf.

Extending tables with butterfly and drop leaves are especially space-efficient since their leaves “hide” under the table while a regular leaf has to be taken out of the table and stored somewhere.

You’ll be saving room around your dining table set, but if you don’t have a proper place to store your leaf, then it’s not necessarily space-efficient.

Although you can store your leaf in your closet standing, it’s better to lay the leaf flat (perhaps under a bed) so that there’s no risk of the leaf warping.

Do you have an extending dining table? Do you find that it saves you space? Tell us in the comments!

sofa alternatives

9 Alternatives When There’s No Room for a Sofa

Sometimes, there’s just not room for a sofa in the living room. What do you use instead? Consider these other options:

Apartment-Size Sofa

Before forgoing a sofa altogether, see if you have room for an apartment-size sofa. They’re 68-80″ wide compared to the regular 84″, so you may have just enough room for a smaller sofa.

Design Tips for Living in a Small Space

Courtesy of Westelm.com


Your next option is to step down from a full-size sofa to a loveseat, which is usually 48-72″ wide. The center seat of a sofa often goes unused, anyway, making a loveseat a feasible alternative.

Courtesy of Ashleyfurniture.com

Chaise Lounge

Although it’s designed for one person, a chaise lounge can easily replace a sofa since it can seat at least two people, if necessary. Plus, you have a nice place to lay back and put your feet up when you don’t have company!

How to Make a Room Feel More Relaxing

Courtesy of Birchlane.com

Over-Sized Chair

An over-sized chair, or chair-and-a-half, is another good alternative to a sofa if you’re limited on space. Some even come with a chaise or an ottoman!

Courtesy of Crateandbarrel.com

Couple of Chairs

You might also opt for a couple of chairs instead of a sofa, perhaps with a small side table in between them. You can go with accent chairs, recliners, or rockers, or even bring in your comfy outdoor chairs.

What’s the Best Recliner for People with Back Problems?

Bench and Chair

Switch things up in your living room by replacing a sofa with a bench and a chair. This arrangement is chic and allows seating for at least three.

Courtesy of Bakerfurniture.com


A settee is smaller than a loveseat and can comfortably seat two. They often have wood frames, but there are also settees that are completely upholstered.

Courtesy of Overstock.com


Daybeds aren’t just for children’s bedrooms, anymore! Use a daybed instead of sofa for living room seating; it also doubles as sleep space for a guest!

When Should You Really Replace Your Mattress?


Much like a daybed, a futon can be used for both seating and sleeping, but a futon looks much more contemporary than the average daybed.

Courtesy of Overstock.com

Which of these alternatives would you consider using in place of sofa? Let us know in the comments!

home smell

How to Prevent and Get Rid of the Musty Smell in Your Home

Musty smells can be caused by a few different things, but, fortunately, there are plenty of ways to prevent and get rid of this odious odor in your home!

Open Your Windows

That’s right, pull back the blinds and open your windows to air out your home as well as allow fresh air and sunshine inside.

Doing this helps get rid of mustiness as fresh air combats bacteria and mold growth, and sunshine is shown to be a good disinfectant against mildew.

Keep Your House Clean

This may be a no-brainer, but keeping your house as clean as you can will certainly help cut-down on the smell whether the culprit is body odor or mold.

Repack Your Storage

As we accumulate and store more and more, our items in storage can develop a musty smell over the years.

Get rid of the musty smell by taking everything out, rewashing all clothes and linens, and neatly repack everything in storage containers.

Help keep your possessions smelling nice by putting lavender in cloth satchels and placing them in the storage containers as well.

Turn on a Dehumidifier

If you live in a humid climate or have had mold issues in your home, get a dehumidifier to help prevent excess moisture, which can cause a musty smell.

Clean Furniture

Your couch could be harboring odors or moisture, lending to musty smell, so take the time to vacuum your furniture and remove any stains.

Clean Walls and Floors

Your floors and, surprisingly, your walls may be contributing to your home’s smell, so clean your walls and floors- especially your carpets- as well.

Replace Your Carpet, If Necessary

Carpet has a way of holding onto things, so you may find that vacuuming and shampooing your carpet may not be enough. In this case, you may want to consider replacing the carpet on your floor.

Deep-Clean Your Furnace and Air Ducts

If your home smells musty, it may be time to deep-clean your furnace and air ducts because there could be mold in them.

Clean Under Sinks

Another place mold can form is under the sink as leaks can go undetected, allowing water to build up over time.

Break Out the Baking Soda

Place an open box of baking soda at the bottom of a closet or corner of a room to help prevent and get rid of musty smells.

We hope the blog post has been helpful. Do you have any tips for keeping your home smelling fresh? Tell us in the comments!

clean dining room chairs

How to Clean Dining Room Chairs Without Dampening Them

If you’ve invested in upholstered dining room chairs, you likely want to keep them clean, but how do you do that without dampening them with water?

First: Check the Care Tag

Before attempting to clean your dining room chairs, check the care tag for your specific furniture’s cleaning code: W, S, SW, or X.

If the cleaning code for your dining room chairs is W, then you must clean with water and/or water-based cleaning products.

If the cleaning code is X, that means don’t attempt to clean this furniture yourself- enlist the help of a professional cleaner.

Use a Dry Cleaning Solvent

However, if the cleaning code is S or SW, then you clean your furniture with a dry-cleaning solvent such as Guardsman.

Sprinkle Baking Soda or Corn Starch

For greasy stains, sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on the stain and let stand for 15 minutes, then vacuum.

Regular Vacuuming

Regularly vacuuming your dining chairs can help keep them clean; vacuum at least once a week using an upholstery attachment.

We hope this blog post was helpful. If you want to see us address cleaning other furniture pieces, just ask us in the comments!

clean wood furniture

Can You Use Windex to Clean Wood Furniture?

If you Google this question, you’ll find that some sources say yes while others will give you a hard no. So what’s the answer?

The bottom line: DON’T use Windex to clean your wood furniture.


Because Windex’s main ingredients include ammonia and alcohol, which damage both wood veneers and solid wood.

You most likely have wood veneer furniture (which isn’t solid wood but has a thin layer of wood applied over another material such as plywood or particle board), so using Windex to clean your furniture would strip off the veneer finish.

Should you happen to have solid wood furniture, which is rare, then using Windex to clean your furniture would discolor and ultimately destroy the wood finish.

So what should you use to clean your wood furniture? Use a soap or cleaner specifically designed for wood furniture or use a mixture of water and dish soap.

If you opt to do the latter, mix water with a drop of dish soap, dip a washcloth into the mixture, and wring the washcloth out until it’s just damp (not wet). Then test by cleaning a small, unseen portion of you furniture to see if this mixture causes any damage.

If this test yields no damage, then wipe down the rest of the piece with the damp washcloth and immediately dry with another washcloth.

We hope you found this blog post helpful this spring cleaning season!

20 Signs it’s Time to Start Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning playlist

The Best Oldies Spring Cleaning Playlist

Unless you just love to clean, spring cleaning isn’t the most fun activity… until now!

Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for 2020

Shake, sway, and sing along to these upbeat classic favorites on our spring cleaning playlist of 100 oldies songs.

“You’re Making My Dreams Come True” by Hall and Oates

“Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen

“Rock the Casbah” by The Clash

“I Wish” by Stevie Wonder

“Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches and Herb

“Rock Around the Clock” by Johnny Farago

“Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson

“You Can’t Hurry Love” by Phil Collins

“Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley

“Respect” by Aretha Franklin

“Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” by Steam

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell

“You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” by Barry White

“Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green

“One Way or Another” by Blondie

“Baby Hold On” by Eddie Money

“Get Down on It” by Earth, Wind, and Fire

“Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry

“A Fifth of Beethoven” by Walter Murphy

“Do the Hustle” by Van McCoy

“Super Freak” by Rick James

“Dancing in the Streets” by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

“ABC” by The Jackson 5

“Faith” by George Michaels

“Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club

“Do You Love Me” by The Contours

“Hey Mickey” Tony Basil

“Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry

“You Should Be Dancing” by The Bee Gees

“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” by Leo Sayer

“Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson

“Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads

“Jesse’s Girl” by Rick Springfield

“Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen

“Superstition” by Stevie Wonder

“Two Tickets to Paradise” by Eddie Money

“Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone

“Come On, Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

“If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher

“I Can’t Dance” by Genesis

“Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

“Wouldn’t it Be Nice” by The Beach Boys

“American Pie” by Don McLean

“Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf

“Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran

“Rio” by Duran Duran

“Light My Fire” by The Doors

“Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest

“Dancing with Myself” by Billy Idol

“A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley

“Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce

“The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz

“It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones

“I’m a Believer” by The Monkees

“Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

“More Than a Feeling” by Boston

“Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder

“Carry on, My Wayward Song” by Kansas

“Here I Go Again” by Journey

“Get Down Tonight” by KC & the Sunshine Band

“Brick House” by The Commodores

“Our House” by Madness

“Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats

“Down Under” by Men at Work

“Beat It” by Michael Jackson

“Lonesome Loser” Little River Band

“Rubberband Man” by The Spinners

“Burn, Baby, Burn, Disco Inferno” by The Trammps

“Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate

“I Will Survivie” Gloria Gaynor

“We Are Family” by Sister Sledge

“Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer

“Hot-Blooded” by Foreigner

“Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gees

“St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” by John Parr

“Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen

“Be My Baby” by The Ronettes

“Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money

“Heat of the Moment” by Asia

“Love Shack” by The B-52’s

“Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett

“Strong Enough” by Cher

“She’s a Lady” by Lenny Kravitz

“Don’t Lose My Number” by Genesis

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody” Whitney Houston

“Take on Me” by a-ha

“Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey

“Born to Be Alive” by Patrick Hernandez

“Funky Town” by Lips Inc.

“Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League

“What’s Love Got to Do wit It?” by Tina Turner

“It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M.

“Tainted Love” by Soft Cell

“Push It” Salt-N-Pepa

“Back in Black” by ACDC

“It Takes Two” Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

“We Got the Beat” by The Go-Go’s

“Venus” by Bananarama

“You’ve Got the Music in You” by New Radicals

Do you have any other oldies suggestions for our spring cleaning playlist? Tell us in the comments!

top spring cleaning tips tricks 2020

Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for 2020

1. Get Rid of Clutter Throughout Your House

Before anything else, declutter your home; this will make the spring cleaning process easier, your finished result look better, and it easier to keep spaces tidy.

20 Signs it’s Time to Start Spring Cleaning

2. Clean Your House from Top-to-Bottom

Make sure you’re spring cleaning your home from top-to-bottom as the dust and debris will fall before clean your floors as well as any other lower surfaces.

Can You Use Windex to Clean Wood Furniture?

3. Divide Tasks into Small Chunks

Looking at your to-do list can be daunting, so break up large tasks into smaller chunks.

For example, instead of setting out to clean the entire kitchen, you can 1) wipe down the counters, appliances, and sink, 2) throw away expired food items, 3) reorganize the refrigerator and pantry, 4) reorganize your dishes, containers, and cookware, and 5) sweep and mop the floor.

You can do each chunk one right after another or do a few chunks in the morning and a couple more in the afternoon, whichever is more feasible for you.

4. Use Common Kitchen Staples as Cleaners

Save money and cut down on chemicals by cleaning with common kitchen staples such as baking soda and vinegar. Both baking soda and vinegar can be used to remove stains and clean surfaces.*

*Baking soda and vinegar kill some germs, but not all, so sanitize surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfect. This is especially important for frequently-touched surfaces and surfaces where food is prepared and cooked.

How to Clean and Disinfect Every Piece of Furniture in Your Home

5. Multi-Task with Double-Duty Products

Make spring cleaning easier for yourself by saving time and money with products such as multi-purpose cleaners and mops that clean and polish.

6. Steam-Clean for More Green Cleaning

If you want a more environmental-friendly way to clean your home, use a steam cleaner, a 100%-natural and chemical-free cleaning solution that uses only hot water vapor. It can clean a number of things, including appliances, tile and hard floors, bathrooms, and outdoor areas.

7. Prepare to Clean if You Have Allergies

If you have allergies, avoid worsening them during spring cleaning by checking cleaners for allergens plus wearing gloves, a mask, a scarf, and a hairnet, if necessary.

8. Make Small Changes to Your Spaces

Making a small change like rearranging furniture or hanging a piece of wall art can give boost your spring cleaning efforts by refreshing your home.

How to Give Your Space New Life with Things You Already Have

9. Clean Smart- Not Hard- with Cool Gadgets

Why make spring cleaning any harder than it has to be? Check out these products that will cut your cleaning time in half!

10. Keep Your House Smelling Fresh with Dryer Sheets

After spring cleaning, keep your home smelling fresh by placing a drying sheet at the bottom of your trash can before your trash bag.

Dryer sheets can be used for a number of other things, too, like picking up pet hair, dusting blinds, and wiping soap scum off shower doors.

Bonus Tip: Clean with Just Water and a Microfiber Cloth!

A number of stains can come out of your upholstery by just rubbing with a damp microfiber cloth! If you need to use a heavy-duty stain remover or cleaner, refer to the care instructions for your furniture.

We hope this top ten spring cleaning tips and tricks are helpful as you embark on cleaning your home this season.

Do you have other great tips and tricks for spring cleaning? Let us know in the comments!

spring cleaning

20 Signs It’s Time to Start Spring Cleaning

The first day of spring this year was March 19, but when do you really need to break out the gloves and cleaning supplies?

Whether the answer is sooner or later, you’ll know for sure after reading these 20 signs it’s time to start spring cleaning.

1. The month is March, April, May, or June.

These four months span the spring season, so take your pick and start spring cleaning!

2. It’s been at least a year since you last did spring cleaning.

Get started because your house is definitely overdue for a good spring cleaning!

3. The idea of spring cleaning has crossed your mind at least once.

If you’ve thought about spring cleaning recently, then it’s probably time to start.

4. Your junk drawer and mail pile are overflowing.

It’s definitely time to crank up the cleaning when the clutter gets out of control.

5. Your kitchen has a lot of empty or expired food items.

When it’s time to toss some things out, it’s also likely time to start spring cleaning.

6. Your shower caddy and/or medicine cabinets have empty bottles.

While you’re cleaning out your caddy and cabinets, you may as well be cleaning the rest of your house.

7. You can see dust on your windowsills and blinds and/or your windows are cloudy.

Obvious dust must go, and the sky should be the only thing that’s cloudy.

8. You can see dust (and maybe a cobweb or two) in the corners of your home.

The dust has had plenty of time to settle, meaning that your home needs a good spring cleaning.

9. The lights are dimmer in your home.

Replace your dull bulbs with new ones and dust your lamp shades and light fixtures while you’re at it.

10. You have at least one pet.

You’ll definitely want to jump on the spring cleaning if you have a pet because you’ll have more hair, dust, and dirt around your house.

11. You have at least one child living at home.

Children can bring more mess as well, so start spring cleaning for the health of your family and have your child help!

12. Your allergies are worsening.

If your allergies are worsening, dust and pollen could be the culprits, so start spring cleaning now!

13. There’s at least one room with a funky smell.

Air freshener can only go so far, so it’s time to do some deep spring cleaning to combat the source of odor.

14. Your drains are clogged.

There’s likely a year’s worth of buildup in your sink and shower drains, so clear them out while you’re spring cleaning.

15. The carpet is stained and/or the floors are sticky.

Show your home some much-needed TLC this spring cleaning season by shampooing the carpet and scrubbing the floors.

16. You have a pest problem.

It’s possible you’re having a pest problem because they’re attracted by food particles- all the more reason to start spring cleaning!

17. You feel more stressed than usual.

Clutter has been shown to raise stress and anxiety levels, so take action and start spring cleaning!

18. You feel overwhelmed.

If you don’t know where to start, that’s a sign that there’s plenty to do. Make a list of spring cleaning chores that need to be done and focus on knocking them out one at a time.

19. You just feel like your house is icky.

If you don’t feel good about the state of your house, it’s definitely time to start spring cleaning.

20. You feel like you’ve missed the train on spring cleaning season.

It’s never too late to thoroughly clean your home- get started today!

Is it time for you to start spring cleaning? Also, let us know of any good spring cleaning tips that you have!

tips small space

Design Tips for Living in a Small Space

We can’t always control how much space we have, but we can do is decide what to do with it. If you can relate, check out these helpful tips for living in a small space!

Paint Walls in Light Colors

Make a small space feel more open and spacious by painting the walls in a shade of white or some other light color.

Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office | Furniture, Decor, and More

Courtesy of Theurbaninterior.co

Look for the Bare Necessities

Maximize the space you have by narrowing down what you absolutely need in a room and getting rid of what you don’t.

How to Make a Room Feel More Relaxing

For instance, if you have a dining set but hardly ever eat at home- or at the table- consider replacing it with something more useful or just leave the space empty for now, which will make your small space appear larger.

Courtesy of Langria.com

Organize Your Belongings

Take the time to organize your consolidated belongings because, once things are tidied up, you’ll likely find that you gain more space.

Courtesy of Ikea

Utilize Vertical Storage

Instead of getting a bulky armoire or more drawers for additional storage, opt for slim bookshelves and high shelves spanning the length of the room.

Courtesy of Ikea

Get Creative with Storage

Sometimes, you have to get creative with storage when you have a small space. Check out ideas from lists like The Krazy Coupon Lady’s 33 Sneaky, Small-Space Organization Hacks.

Courtesy of Songbirdblog.com

Opt for Furniture with Storage Features

When room or closet storage is limited, furniture that doubles as storage space is immensely helpful in a small space.

Beds and dining tables with drawers and ottomans with storage help maximize storage in any room of your home.

Courtesy of Simpli-home.com

Or Store Belongings Under Furniture

Don’t have furniture with built-in storage? You can still make the most of your furniture by storing your belongings underneath your sofa or bed.

Organize a short storage container to slide under your furniture; if you don’t have enough clearance, put risers on the legs of your furniture to create more room.

Courtesy of Thespruce.com

Select Smaller Furniture

Selecting smaller furniture can help maximize your small space by creating more room so you don’t feel cramped as well as allowing for more pieces, increasing functionality.

Depending on the size of your space, you may want to consider getting apartment furniture since it’s made to accommodate the average 882 square-foot rental.

Courtesy of Article.com

Set Down a Large Area Rug

Contrary to what you might think, setting down a large area rug in a small space creates a focal point, drawing the eye to one place, thereby making the surrounding area seem larger than what it is.

A large area rug also helps anchor a small space and tie your smaller pieces of furniture together, which can look diminutive even in a small room.

Courtesy of Article.com

Hang up a Large Mirror

In the same way, a large mirror can also act as a focal point, plus its reflection gives the illusion of more space.

Place a large mirror above a sofa or on a bare wall to make a room look like it goes on and on.

Courtesy of Nimvo.com

Or Hang up a Large Statement Piece

Another option: hang up a large statement piece. You can try to hang up a mirror and a statement piece, but a small room may not have enough wall space.

Hanging up a large statement piece also adds interest and character, which may be lost in a small space due to size restrictions excluding many furniture pieces and decor.

Courtesy of Elen Den Art

Create Multi-Purpose Spaces

Creating multi-purpose spaces throughout your small home helps you get the most function out of the space you have.

One way to create a multi-purpose space is to have a sofa table behind a sofa also function as a desk or dining table. Just add a chair or two.

Courtesy of Overstock.com

Use Room Dividers

Using curtains as separators can be helpful to distinguish one space from another in the same room.

For instance, if you have to have your office in your bedroom, close off your desk with a curtain or even a partition so you’re not looking at your work space when you’re trying to sleep.

Courtesy of Urbanoutfitters.com

Use Closet Space for Furniture

Save space in a small room by putting your dresser, chest, or desk inside of your closet.

Another perk: if you choose to keep them, you can easily hide whatever is inside by closing the closet doors.

Courtesy of Yellowbrickhome.com

Remove Closet Doors

Removing the closet doors can actually make a room appear larger by not closing in the room as much.

The key to removing your closet doors is making sure that your closet is neat and organized, so you may want to invest in some smart-looking storage solutions for your closet.

Courtesy of Sincerelymariedesigns.com

Do you live in a small space? Which of these tips do you find useful? Let us know in the comments below!

shabby chic interior design

Main Concepts of Shabby Chic Interior Design

The shabby chic style has been popular for several decades and continues to generate buzz in the world of interior design, but what exactly is shabby chic?

Whether we’re talking about French Provencal, cottage, or coastal shabby chic, the main concepts of this trend remain the same, and they’re not too shabby, if you ask us (pun intended).

1.Neutral Background

Shabby chic is known for soft, muted colors, so a neutral background in white, beige, or grey is a must for nailing this trend.

You can add pops of color through decor and even small accent pieces, but the walls and larger furniture should be neutral shades.

How to Make a Room Feel More Relaxing

Courtesy of shabbychicloves.com

2. Distressed and Vintage Furniture

Distressed furniture is a hallmark of shabby chic, and you can achieve this look by distressing furniture you already have with chalk paint.

How to Give a Space New Life with Things You Already Have

Shabby chic also utilizes a lot of vintage furniture, which you can find in antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets; you can also pull out a family heirloom!

If you’re not quite crafty, that’s OK because you can find distressed and vintage-inspired furniture in a number of stores now.

Courtesy of donpedrobrooklyn.com

3. Whites and Pastels

Whites and pastels give shabby chic its light, bright, and airy look, so don’t hesitate to white-wash a whole room or play with pink.

Popular pastels are pale pinks and baby blues, but you can also play with other colors like a spritely green or cheery yellow.

Courtesy of plushemisphere.com

4. Mixing and Matching

Shabby chic was mixing furniture pieces well before mainstream interior design caught on in the late 2010’s.

Top Ten Home Decor Trends of 2020

Mixing furniture, especially wood tones, can be challenging, but a way to make it easier is having a bridge piece that connects the lighter and darker shades in a room.

Courtesy of sweetpickinsfurniture.com

5. Wicker and Wooden Accents

Wicker and wooden accents add a much-needed rustic element to shabby chic because this demure look is best balanced with rougher textures.

There are a number of wooden accents, but an easy way to bring wicker into a space is either with a basket or piece of outdoor furniture.

Courtesy of verysimple.simplefun.bid

6. Feminine Florals and Lace

The shabby chic look is further softened by florals and lace, especially in pinks and whites, but other colors can be used, too.

Conversely, if you’re trying to create a shabby chic space that’s more masculine, nix the flowers and lace accents.

Courtesy of s3.amazonaws.com

7. Natural Elements

In addition to flowers, shabby chic incorporates other natural elements such as plants; an easy way to bring in the outdoors is with planters.

Another, more creative way you do this is by creating your own pressed plant wall art with local plants or flora from your own backyard.

Simple and Easy Crafts for Wall Art

Courtesy of woyhome.com

8. Worn Elegance

Shabby chic isn’t entirely shabby; ideally, worn accents are balanced with elegant pieces that are in perfect (or near perfect) shape.

The picture below demonstrates this balance well with a vintage sign, metal planter, and stone lamp with an upholstered bed and non-distressed nightstand.

Spruce up Your Home with These Spring Decor Ideas

Courtesy of s3.amazonaws.com

9. Eclectic and Vintage Decor

Knick knacks are essential to the shabby chic look, especially if accents are vintage (or vintage-inspired) and grouped eclectically.

The best places to find eclectic, vintage decor are flea markets, thrift stores, and antique stores because of the variety and deals they offer.

Courtesy of s3.amazonaws.com

10. Wrought Iron Accents

Whether or not you’re drawing inspiration from the garden, wrought iron accents add a necessary level of character and necessary grounding to any shabby chic look.

There are a number of ways you can work in wrought iron accents- through furniture or decor, painted or unpainted, rusted or no patina.

Courtesy of umla.tumblr.com

11. Careless Clutter

Not only is shabby chic decor “perfectly imperfect,” it’s also placed carelessly- almost haphazardly- about a surface or space.

So don’t drive yourself stir-crazy trying to perfectly arrange your shabby chic decor- just set it down, and let that be it!

Courtesy of vintage.topgesicht.com

12. Layering

Layering isn’t just for winter outfits! And shabby chic style particularly enjoys this concept because everything can be layered: rugs, pillows, throw blankets, wall art, textures, and more!

If you’re not sure of how to layer things, combine two or three of the same object (like rugs) based on a common feature, such as color.

Courtesy of The Cottage Journal

13. Chandeliers

Chandeliers definitely put the chic in shabby chic with their sophisticated silhouettes and shining diamonds and pearls.

If you feel that room could use more oomph, hang up a chandelier! If bling isn’t your thing, though, you can use a less ornate, more modern light fixture.

Courtesy of hallstromhome.com

14. Sheer Draperies

Some aspects of shabby chic may feel heavy like bulky furniture or use of lots of layers, but shabby chic draperies should be sheer and soft.

There are a multitude of choices including plain, lace, ruffled, see-through, and more opaque, so experiment with looks and find what feels right for your shabby chic space.

Courtesy of Shabby Chic Linen Co.

15. White Linens

Clean, white linens are another hallmark of the shabby chic style and can be found in just about any room of the house from the foyer to the bedroom.

If you’re concerned about your white linen sofa or bedding getting soiled, opt for linen decor like linen throw pillows and blankets, wall hangings, and table runners.

Courtesy of shabbychic.com

How do you feel about shabby chic? Is it overrated or are you elated that this trend is still going strong?

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