moving furniture without hurting back

How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Hurting Your Back

Whether you’re moving or simply switching things around, you have to be careful when moving heavy furniture lest you hurt your back in the process. Read on for tips on how to move heavy furniture more easily and safely.

Phone a Friend 

If they’re able to assist you, ask a friend or family member to help you move heavy furniture instead of rushing to move things on your own with the possible chance of injury. 

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Lift With Your Knees

When moving heavy furniture, many people make the mistake of lifting with their back, causing strain and even a pulled muscle. Instead, lift heavy furniture by bending your knees and rising up instead of bending backwards. 

Roll a Furniture Dolly 

The creator of the furniture dolly is unknown, but thank goodness it exists! Also known as a  hand truck, a furniture dolly is a rolling device that you put furniture on as you transport it from one place to another without carrying the heavy load.

How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Scraping the Floors 

Lift with a Shoulder Dolly 

Have you heard of a shoulder dolly (a.k.a., furniture moving straps)? It requires two people to move a piece of heavy furniture but makes lifting so much easier. The shoulder strap can be adjusted from different lengths to accommodate any items that you’re moving.

Glide Furniture with Blankets 

Another smart way to move heavy furniture is using blankets. The old-school method involves putting a blanket under a piece of furniture and gliding it to where you need to transport. All you need to lift are the corners of the piece to place the blanket. 

It may be time-consuming, but moving heavy furniture doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck- or back! Hopefully, these tips will you help you accomplish this task without strain or injury.

decorate coastal condo

How to Decorate a Coastal-Inspired Condo

White Furniture

White furniture conveys the bright, breezy feeling of coastal life. If you don’t want white upholstery, though, opt for a light tan or even a blue.

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If there’s another color that says “coastal,” it’s blue. You can use various shades of blue in your decor and even an accent furniture piece.

Top Ten Home Decor Trends of 2020

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Texture is always an aspect of good interior design as it adds visual interest, and, in this case, it grounds an otherwise airy room of whites and blues.

How to Give a Rich Look to My Living Room

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A white and blue room can come across as a bit cold, so liven things up a bit with planters and plants. This is also a great way to bring the outdoors inside.

How to Make a Room Feel More Cheery

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Sea Shells and Such

Another great way to bring the outdoors inside and add to a coastal theme is by decorating with sea shells and other elements, including pictures of wildlife.

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If you look at coastal-inspired rooms, you’ll often see two or more patterns at play, so have fun mixing different patterns- it’s also on-trend in 2020!

Tips for Decorating a Large Living Room

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One pattern you’ll see in particular is stripes, which have a nautical feel to them and are easy to pair with other patterns.

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Beach Signs

Nothing says “beach” more than a beach-themed sign! There are ton of stylish beach signs on the market whether you go to a department store or outlet store.

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Maps have a particularly coastal feel as they evoke travel and life on the water. Find a vintage map and hang it up as a statement piece!

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Nautical Decor

Ahoy! Decorate your coastal-themed condo with anchors, ropes, and other nautical accents. You can practically smell the salt water and hear the gulls!

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We hope this list of coastal elements will help you decorate the condo, cottage, or house of your dreams. Which of these elements can you see your self incorporating in your home? Tell us in the comments!

how to minimize dust in home

How to Keep Dust at a Minimum in Your Home

Have your sinuses been acting up? The culprit could be dust in your home. While they’re small, dust particles can easily build up and take over if you’re not diligent about dusting. There are also other ways you can keep dust to a minimum in your home.

Dust and Clean All Fans in Your Home

Whether you have ceiling, window, or portable fans, they should all be cleaned regularly to avoid dust mites. A Lambswool duster is often recommended as they have extendable handles to reach the crevices of fans’ blades and housing motor. For deep-cleaning, use a small amount of soap and wet towel to wipe down the blades and fan covers. 

Thoroughly Clean All Surfaces and Floors

Don’t just dust and call it a day! Thoroughly clean all surfaces in your house starting with surfaces such as counters and tables and working your way down to the floors. For simple dusting, use a dust mop on the floor and clean higher surfaces with damp microfiber clothes to gather dust and dirt without retracting it back onto the surfaces.  

Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips And Tricks For 2020

Change Your Bedding Frequently

Dust mites make their home everywhere, especially in bedding. This is perhaps the biggest culprit of dust-related sinuses since we’re in such close proximity to our bedding. Prevent dust mites in your bed by frequently changing (or washing) your pillowcases, sheets, and covers. 

You should also vacuum your mattress from time to time as it can accumulate dust as well. If you find these solutions to be ineffective, it may be time to replace your mattress as it could be embedded with dust mites. 

When Should You Really Replace Your Mattress?

Change Carpeting 

Nylon and wool carpeting attracts and traps dust mites, so it’s suggested to switch your carpet to hardwood, tile, or even hypoallergenic carpeting. If it’s not feasible to change your flooring, be sure to regularly vacuum your carpets and rugs. 

Invest in Air Purifiers 

Another way to combat dust is to place a few air purifiers to circulate fresh air throughout our home. This is especially beneficial for those who have respiratory issues or allergies. Keep in mind that air purifiers don’t entirely get rid of dust mites altogether but do minimize the accumulation and spreading of them.  

We hope this blog post on minimizing dust in your home has been helpful. Do you have any additional tips? We’d like to hear them!

space-efficient furniture

The 10 Most Space-Efficient Furniture Pieces

If you live in a small home, then you know how valuable space is. Make the most of what you have with space-efficient furniture!

Sofa Sleeper

Sofa sleepers are perfect for when guests spend the night and you don’t have an extra room to spare; they only extend about four feet when you pull out the mattress.

Best Furniture to Purchase for a Small Condo

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Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are a space-efficient option to end tables as they’re typically smaller, and you can stack them in one spot when they’re not all in use.

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Lift-Top Coffee Table

Lift-top coffee tables can do double or triple the work of a coffee table as its lift top allows you to work and eat at the sofa as well as set down your drinks.

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Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans are another space-efficient furniture piece that does double duty since it provides a place to kick up your feet plus extra storage, which is especially important in smaller spaces.

Design Tips for Living in a Small Space

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Drop-Leaf Dining Table

Comfortably seating two, drop-leaf dining tables take up little space but can seat up to four people if necessary with their extendable leaves.

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If you have a regular dining table, consider replacing your chairs with benches as they slide underneath a table and maintain clear sight lines.

Tips for Buying Dining Room Furniture

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Backless Bar Stools

Similar to benches, backless bar stools neatly fit underneath a counter and take up less space visually since they “disappear.”

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Storage Bed

Although they tend to be slightly bulkier than regular beds, storage beds make the most of your sleep space by providing extra storage in your bedroom.

What to Look for When Buying Bedroom Furniture

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Bunk Bed

If you have kids, bunk beds are the most space-efficient way to set up their bedroom as the beds stack vertically instead of spreading out horizontally, eating up room that could otherwise be used for playing or studying.

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Corner Desk

A small corner desk doesn’t take up much space, lending to the possibility of a multi-purpose room.

Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office | Furniture, Decor, and More

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Which space-efficient furniture piece(s) make the biggest difference in your home? Tell us in the comments!

small sofa

What to Look for in a Small Sofa

Some sofas are humongous and eat up a lot of space in a living room. If you’re in the market for a small sofa, pay attention to these details.

Go Apartment-Size

The average sofa is 84″ wide, so your best bet is to buy an apartment-size sofa. These range anywhere from 68-80″ wide, making them a much better fit for smaller living rooms or spaces with a unique layout.

9 Alternatives When There’s No Room for a Sofa

Choose a Lighter Color

While dark colors may be slimming on people, they aren’t on furniture, so go for a lighter sofa color like white, beige, or grey. If dirt and stains are a concern, select a mid-tone brown or grey that provides enough color but doesn’t make the sofa look bulky.

Opt for Slim Arms

Avoid large or pillow-like arms on a sofa and instead go for slimmer arms such as track-style arms. This will not only gives a streamlined appearance but will also save you several inches, which can make or break a sofa choice.

… As Well as a Short Back

Choosing a sofa with a short back also takes up less space visually. This won’t be difficult if you’re looking at stationary sofas as most of their backs are a bit shorter than motion furniture.

Get a Detachable Back

If you want motion furniture, your quest for a small sofa is going to challenging because most reclining sofas are average width and wider. However, if you find a reclining sofa that works for your space, make sure it has a detachable back so you can easily move the sofa through doors and hallways.

We hope these tips will be helpful as you’re looking to purchase a small sofa. While you may have to look around a bit more, the search will be worth it once you find the right piece for you and your home.

best chair design

What’s the Most Comfortable Chair Design for Working at a Computer?

Whether you work on a computer or are taking online classes, you need a comfortable chair for all of those hours you spend on the computer. 

Being comfortable while you’re working isn’t just a matter of preference; it’s a necessity for both your work and your health, so consider these chair design options for your workspace.

Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office | Furniture, Decor, and More

Latest Chair Designs in 2020

According to Beyond the Office Door, the Steelcase Leap ($811), the Humanscale Diffrient Smart ($899), and the NXT Level Alpha Chair ($299) models are among the most comfortable office chairs of 2020. 

These latest commercial chair designs are comfortable because of their padding, lumbar support, and adjustability, making them great options for those who spend any length of time on the computer. 

What’s the Best Recliner for People with Back Problems?

A downside to these chairs, however, is their expense (especially the first two models). If you’re unable to invest in a pricy office chair but still want to be comfortable, keep an eye out for the following features as you shop for a chair. 

Features to Look for in Chair Design

At minimum, an office chair should have adjustable seat height, arms, and casters; sitting at the right height is especially important for computer work so your arms, shoulders, and neck aren’t strained reaching too high or too low for the keyboard. 

Lumbar support, adjustable backrests, and breathable, comfy padding are other important features in chair design to look for, especially if you experience back pain. 

You’ll also want to make sure that the seat depth and width suits you and that the adjustment controls are easy to operate from a sitting position to avoid strain. 

Support Cushions

If back pain is your primary concern and the office chairs you try aren’t comfortable enough, get proper support cushions to address pain points.

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There are a number of support cushions on the market, but for sitting in a desk chair, we recommend a seat cushion or a lumbar support cushion; the former takes pressure off the coccyx, and the latter provides additional lumbar support. 

We hope our suggestions for office chair design help add more comfort and productivity to your work day. What’s the most important feature of an office chair for you? Tell us in the comments!

creaking bed

How Do I Get My Bed to Stop Squeaking?

If your tossing and turning is accompanied by squeaking, then it’s time to repair or replace something. Read on for ways to resolve the squeaky noises your bed makes. 

Cause: Bed Frame

If your bed frame is to blame for the noises, find out exactly where the squeaking is coming from by pushing down or sitting on all areas of the bed.

Once you find the source(s) of the squeaking, tighten the screws, readjust the bed frame, or lubricate rusted elements with Gulf Wax. 

The problem could be the headboard or footboard, which are attached by metal joints that could shift and rub together if not adjoined fully or tightly. 

To fix this, lift up both sides of the bed rails, then securely put the headboard and footboard in place, making sure the metal joints lock.

Cause: Mattress

A squeaky bed can also be caused by the springs in your mattress. Before anything else, trying rotating and/or flipping your mattress to see if that helps stop the squeaking noises. 

The next step in solving this problem would be lubricating the springs in the box spring with WD-40, a multi- use product that protects metal from rust and corrosion.  

If neither one of these methods stops the squeaking, it may be time for you to get a new mattress, especially if there are other problems with the mattress like dips and visible tears.

When Should You Really Replace Your Mattress?

Cause: Floor

Believe it or not, the location of your bed actually matters. If your floorboards are uneven or your bed is on top of carpet, then that could very well contribute to your bed frame creaking. 

Relocate your bed to a location where the floorboards are even, and carefully push back the bed frame against the wall for security.

We recommend trying some of these solutions before buying a new bed frame or mattress. Hopefully, you can resolve the squeaking in an inexpensive way. 

However you’re able to resolve the problem, though, what’s most important is that you get quality sleep- and that begins with a quiet bed!

How to Set Up Your Bedroom for Ideal Sleep

farmhouse interior design

Main Concepts of Farmhouse Interior Design

The farmhouse style is the country cousin of shabby chic. Although they share some similarities, they’re nonetheless two different looks.

Gaining popularity in recent years, farmhouse is rustic without being woodsy and light without being girly. Read on for its main concepts!

Light Walls

Almost always, you’ll find that farmhouse-styled rooms have light-colored walls like shades of white, grey, and beige.

Using light colors on walls makes rooms feel fresh, open, and even larger, all of the things you would expect in a farmhouse.

Main Concepts of Shabby Chic Interior Design

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Whitewash Furniture

From coffee tables and cabinets to dining and bedroom sets, whitewash furniture is a staple of the farmhouse style.

While not everything has to be whitewashed, having a piece or two in this finish contributes to the fresh country look.

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Sometimes, the light and airy look of farmhouse style is contrasted with a grounding color such as black or brown.

The contrast is usually in the form of dark furniture and decor and looks stark against the light backdrop that farmhouse often has.

How to Give a Rich Look to My Living Room

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Wood Tones

With light walls and whitewashed furniture, farmhouse often includes wood tones to warm up a space.

Wood tones often show up through furniture and flooring but can also come in the form of decor and shelving.

Top Home Decor Trends of 2020

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Country Decor

Nothing says “country” more than accents that look like they’re straight from the farm like lanterns, signage, and windmills.

These decorations are quite mainstream now so you can find them at both craft stores and department stores; antique shops and flea markets are also great places to find decor.

Courtesy of Pier 1 Imports

Open Shelving

Farmhouse design is simple, and you’ll often see open shelving like the rustic-industrial ones pictured.

The open shelving can be used to hold plates, kitchen utensils, etc., but they can also display decor and photos.

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Barn Doors

As the farmhouse look has grown in popularity, so have barn doors. You’ll find them on a number of furniture pieces as well as decor.

In terms of furniture, you’ll often see barn doors on TV stands and bedroom furniture on chests and headboards.

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Rustic Accents

Rustic accents such as lighting and shelving can especially evoke that farmhouse feeling in your home.

Other ideas: you can also replace your doors with barn doors and change install a wood wall cabinet.

Buffalo Check

Farmhouse style favors solids over patterns, but one pattern you’ll often find in farmhouse spaces is buffalo check.

You can incorporate buffalo check in a number of ways from throw pillows and blankets to table runners and floor mats.

Ten Terrific Ideas for Summer Home Decor

Courtesy of Our Rustic Home Decor

Window Panels

Window panels are a popular choice for decor when it comes to styling your home in the farmhouse theme.

You’ll often see empty window panels on walls above console tables and sofas, and, sometimes, they hang on an empty wall.


Ladders are another popular item you’ll see in farmhouse decor and are often used to display knick knacks and hold blankets or towels.

Ladders can also be used to prop up or hang photos as a unique alternative to a multi-photo frame.

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Fewer things are more fitting for farmhouse style than bringing in plants in pots or planters.

Whether you like flowers or simple greenery, plants will breathe new life into any room and make your space feel more cheery.

How to Make a Room Feel More Cheery

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Warming Words

Add more warmth to your farmhouse home by using signage that says things such as “welcome,” “home, sweet home,” or anything else that makes you feel happy.

You can also add a personal touch to your space with signage that features your monogram or your household’s last name.

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Crates and Baskets

As far as farmhouse decor goes, crates and baskets are actually quite useful!

They’re great for organization and storage in every area of the house whether it’s the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom.

Spruce up Your Home with These Spring Decorating Ideas

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Wall Hooks

Looking through photos of farmhouse-inspired homes, you’ll often see hooks for hanging keys, jackets, and bags, especially in the foyer.

You can also use hooks to hang photos and create a rustic gallery wall of sorts.

Courtesy of Chipped with Charm

What are your favorite elements of farmhouse style? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

best wood for dining table

What Are the Best Woods for Dining Tables?

Although we’re in the 2020s, interior design continues to favor the rustic, and what gives off rural charm more than a lovely wood dining table? 

Tips for Buying Dining Room Furniture

The beauty of a solid wood dining table is unmatched and makes for a timeless family heirloom that can be passed down and cherished for generations.

This topic begs the question: what are the best woods for dining tables? Studies have shown that a variety of hardwoods like mahogany, walnut, maple, oak and teak are preferable for their functionality and texture. 

Each of these types also has an attractive grain size as they’re beautifully natural; not to mention, hardwood dining tables are also eco-friendly!

Hardwood dining tables do require some maintenance but are manageable to clean. There are wood cleaners on the market, but all you really need to clean a hardwood surface is soapy water and a soft cloth. 

Can You Use Windex to Clean Wood Furniture?

Perhaps the most popular shapes for hardwood tables are rectangles and circles. Rectangular tables are ideal for larger dining areas whereas circular tables best suit smaller dining areas. 

What is the Best Shape Dining Table in a Small Room?

As far as seating around a hardwood dining table goes, you have several options. The majority of the time, a dining table will be available with matching chairs.

Sometimes, there are also matching benches; for a rectangular table, you could use just two benches, two benches and two chairs, or four chairs and a bench. 

How do you know if you should go for chairs, benches, or both? Opt for benches if you want to save space and maintain clear sight lines.

There’s a rising trend of mixing furniture, so you can also be daring and use mismatched chairs and benches with your hardwood dining table.

What Are the Best Ways to Design a Dining Room Space?

Whatever your style, a hardwood dining table is a beautiful addition to any dining space and will make a perfect gathering place for years to come.

people change furniture

How Often Do People Change Furniture?

People occasionally change their furniture for a number of different reasons; sometimes, the change is intentional while other times it’s not. The following factors often contribute to when people change their furniture:  


Our sense of style says a lot about who we are, so it’s understandable that we want to change our home interiors to reflect us as individuals. As we grow older, our tastes may change, and we may want to change our furniture to achieve a certain look or make our home overall more attractive.

Top Ten Home Decor Trends of 2020


Some furniture needs to be changed more frequently than others, especially pieces that we rest on like beds and upholstery. The average sofa can last up to five years, and a mattress usually lasts for five to ten years; of course, these estimates vary depending on use. 

When Should You Really Replace Your Mattress?


People often change their furniture when they’re downsizing or expanding so their pieces better fit their space. This is especially the case with retirees who give up their large homes for more manageable abodes, and they can’t take bulky furniture pieces with them. 


People may change their furniture to better accommodate- and impress- their house guests. Some may totally revamp entire rooms while others will upgrade their living room and dining room furniture. People also buy furniture for their guest bedrooms with the comfort of visitors in mind.

Furniture You Need in a Guest Bedroom

Natural Disasters 

Unfortunately, we cannot control natural disasters like tornadoes and floods; there are also instances in which fires are uncontrollable. Furniture may be tarnished or completely ruined in the process, forcing people to purchase new furniture. 

How often do you change your furniture? Do you wish you could change it less often or more frequently? Let us know in the comments!