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9 Alternatives When There’s No Room for a Sofa

Sometimes, there’s just not room for a sofa in the living room. What do you use instead? Consider these other options:

Apartment-Size Sofa

Before forgoing a sofa altogether, see if you have room for an apartment-size sofa. They’re 68-80″ wide compared to the regular 84″, so you may have just enough room for a smaller sofa.

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Your next option is to step down from a full-size sofa to a loveseat, which is usually 48-72″ wide. The center seat of a sofa often goes unused, anyway, making a loveseat a feasible alternative.

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Chaise Lounge

Although it’s designed for one person, a chaise lounge can easily replace a sofa since it can seat at least two people, if necessary. Plus, you have a nice place to lay back and put your feet up when you don’t have company!

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Over-Sized Chair

An over-sized chair, or chair-and-a-half, is another good alternative to a sofa if you’re limited on space. Some even come with a chaise or an ottoman!

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Couple of Chairs

You might also opt for a couple of chairs instead of a sofa, perhaps with a small side table in between them. You can go with accent chairs, recliners, or rockers, or even bring in your comfy outdoor chairs.

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Bench and Chair

Switch things up in your living room by replacing a sofa with a bench and a chair. This arrangement is chic and allows seating for at least three.

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A settee is smaller than a loveseat and can comfortably seat two. They often have wood frames, but there are also settees that are completely upholstered.

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Daybeds aren’t just for children’s bedrooms, anymore! Use a daybed instead of sofa for living room seating; it also doubles as sleep space for a guest!

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Much like a daybed, a futon can be used for both seating and sleeping, but a futon looks much more contemporary than the average daybed.

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Which of these alternatives would you consider using in place of sofa? Let us know in the comments!

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