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Are Extending Dining Table Sets Space-Efficient?

If you’re looking to save space, wouldn’t you think that an extending dining table set be space-efficient?

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The answer is yes, not surprisingly, but it also depends.

Yes, extending dining tables tend to be more compact when the leaf isn’t being used, but, like most other things, space efficiency is relative.

An extending dining table will save you an average of 18 inches, and that may or may not give you significantly room depending on your space.

For instance, saving 18 inches in a studio apartment is more significant than saving 18 inches in a two or three-bedroom home.

In addition to the size of your space, the type of extending table also needs to be taken into account.

There are several different kinds of extending dining tables: ones with a butterfly leaf, ones with drop leaves, and ones with a regular leaf.

Extending tables with butterfly and drop leaves are especially space-efficient since their leaves “hide” under the table while a regular leaf has to be taken out of the table and stored somewhere.

You’ll be saving room around your dining table set, but if you don’t have a proper place to store your leaf, then it’s not necessarily space-efficient.

Although you can store your leaf in your closet standing, it’s better to lay the leaf flat (perhaps under a bed) so that there’s no risk of the leaf warping.

Do you have an extending dining table? Do you find that it saves you space? Tell us in the comments!

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