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Best Furniture to Purchase for a Small Condo

The average condo is 1200 square feet, so condo living can be a bit cramped, but these furniture pieces will help maximize your space (and not eat it up).

Apartment-Sized Sofa or a Loveseat

Save space in your condo by downsizing to a sofa that’s between 68″ and 80″ long, or opt for a loveseat instead of your space is particularly small.

If you plan on having company spending the night and you don’t have a guest bedroom, make sure your sofa or loveseat is a sleeper.

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Narrow Side Tables

Trade out your standard square end tables for narrow side tables that are still functional but won’t take up as much room; nesting tables and drink tables are also great options.

If you need lighting in your condo but the side tables are too small, get a floor lamp or, better yet, install wall sconces to save floor space.

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Coffee Table Ottoman

Coffee table ottomans are good for both kicking up your feet and setting your drinks down; the storage variety provide extra storage space, too.

In addition to these purposes, you can also use a coffee table ottoman for extra seating if you have company; just slide it back two or three feet from the sofa.

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Console Table with Storage

Instead of a stand or cart, set your TV on a stylish console table with storage.

Console tables take up less space, visually, but can just as easily serve your entertainment and storage needs.

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Storage Cabinet

If you’re lacking storage space in your condo, consider getting a slim storage cabinet to store extra belongings like clothes, books, and groceries.

Maximize the storage space in your cabinet by placing smaller items in bins, boxes, or containers; this will also make your cabinet look tidier.

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Terai Folding Chairs

Terai folding chairs are upholstered so they’re comfortable but also space-efficient and easy to put away when not in use.

These chairs are great to have when you need to seat extra people in the living room or dining area.

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Portable Kitchen Cart

A portable kitchen cart is wonderful to have if you’re short on counter space, and, when you’re done using it, you just roll it away!

You can also use it as an entertainment cart or a server when you’re entertaining; having a portable kitchen cart can come in handy!

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Round Dinette

Space-efficiency is a priority when it comes to furnishing your condo, so your best bet when it comes to dining options is to get a round dinette.

Circular tables are best for small dining rooms because they take up less room due to their lack of surface space; if you can get a drop leaf table, all the better! Just make sure the chairs can slide underneath the table.

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Bar Stools

If you have some counter space, you don’t have to try fitting everyone at the table- just get a few bar stools for extra seating!

Buying bar stools will save you space as you don’t have to choose a larger dining table or worry about storing extra chairs.

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Corner Desk

Sure, you can work at the dining table, but, if you want a separate workspace, consider getting a corner desk in your condo.

A corner desk is one of the more space-efficient home office setups and is doable in most cases as most people usually have a corner to spare.

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Storage Bed

While a storage bed may be bulkier than a standard headboard, footboard, and rails setup, it could save you room by eliminating the need for more bedroom furniture.

If you don’t get a storage bed, make sure you have clearance under the bed for storage so you can easily store bins and containers underneath the bed.

Design Tips for Living in a Small Space

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Storage Bench

Having a storage bench at the foot of the bed in your condo can give you both additional seating and storage.

A bench at the foot of the bed will also add style to your bedroom without being too bulky or expensive.

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Chest of Drawers

If space is a particular issue in your condo bedroom, avoid a dresser and mirror and get a chest of drawers instead.

A chest of drawers is narrower and shorter (depth-wise) but can provide plenty of storage with at least five drawers.

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We hope our blog post has been helpful as you decide which furniture pieces to buy for your condo. What furniture helps you save space in your condo? Let us know in the comments!

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