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Can You Use Windex to Clean Wood Furniture?

If you Google this question, you’ll find that some sources say yes while others will give you a hard no. So what’s the answer?

The bottom line: DON’T use Windex to clean your wood furniture.


Because Windex’s main ingredients include ammonia and alcohol, which damage both wood veneers and solid wood.

You most likely have wood veneer furniture (which isn’t solid wood but has a thin layer of wood applied over another material such as plywood or particle board), so using Windex to clean your furniture would strip off the veneer finish.

Should you happen to have solid wood furniture, which is rare, then using Windex to clean your furniture would discolor and ultimately destroy the wood finish.

So what should you use to clean your wood furniture? Use a soap or cleaner specifically designed for wood furniture or use a mixture of water and dish soap.

If you opt to do the latter, mix water with a drop of dish soap, dip a washcloth into the mixture, and wring the washcloth out until it’s just damp (not wet). Then test by cleaning a small, unseen portion of you furniture to see if this mixture causes any damage.

If this test yields no damage, then wipe down the rest of the piece with the damp washcloth and immediately dry with another washcloth.

We hope you found this blog post helpful this spring cleaning season!

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