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Furniture You Need in a Guest Bedroom

Do you have company that spends the night? Ensure that they feel at home by furnishing your guest bedroom with these pieces.

Comfortable Mattress

While your guests are away from home, they’ll truly appreciate having a comfy bed to sink into at the end of the day.

For a guest bedroom mattress, opt for one that is medium to firm instead of soft as mattresses naturally give over time with use, and softer mattresses will need to be replaced sooner than firmer ones.

If you think that your guests may not be comfortable sleeping on a firmer mattress, purchase a mattress topper- this will give your mattress a softer feel without compromising its longevity.

In addition to a mattress, you’ll also need to purchase a box spring and bed frame if you don’t already have those; a headboard is optional but does give a guest bedroom a more completed look.


A nightstand provides a surface to set a lamp on (for more lighting) as well as a place for guest to put their phone, glasses, and other small essentials.

Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers provides a place for guests to store their clothes besides their suitcase and is especially useful when company is staying for an extended time.

Accent Chair or Bench

Having an accent chair or bench in your guest bedroom gives your guests a place to sit other than on the bed, which isn’t designed to be sat on.

Whether they use a seat to read, relax, or put on their shoes, your guests will appreciate not being confined to the bed.

Bonus: Small Desk

If your space allows for it, a small desk is nice to have in a guest room because it provides a place where guests can write and work as well as another place to sit.

Do you agree with our picks for furniture you need in a guest bedroom? Let us know in the comments!

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