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How Do I Get My Bed to Stop Squeaking?

If your tossing and turning is accompanied by squeaking, then it’s time to repair or replace something. Read on for ways to resolve the squeaky noises your bed makes. 

Cause: Bed Frame

If your bed frame is to blame for the noises, find out exactly where the squeaking is coming from by pushing down or sitting on all areas of the bed.

Once you find the source(s) of the squeaking, tighten the screws, readjust the bed frame, or lubricate rusted elements with Gulf Wax. 

The problem could be the headboard or footboard, which are attached by metal joints that could shift and rub together if not adjoined fully or tightly. 

To fix this, lift up both sides of the bed rails, then securely put the headboard and footboard in place, making sure the metal joints lock.

Cause: Mattress

A squeaky bed can also be caused by the springs in your mattress. Before anything else, trying rotating and/or flipping your mattress to see if that helps stop the squeaking noises. 

The next step in solving this problem would be lubricating the springs in the box spring with WD-40, a multi- use product that protects metal from rust and corrosion.  

If neither one of these methods stops the squeaking, it may be time for you to get a new mattress, especially if there are other problems with the mattress like dips and visible tears.

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Cause: Floor

Believe it or not, the location of your bed actually matters. If your floorboards are uneven or your bed is on top of carpet, then that could very well contribute to your bed frame creaking. 

Relocate your bed to a location where the floorboards are even, and carefully push back the bed frame against the wall for security.

We recommend trying some of these solutions before buying a new bed frame or mattress. Hopefully, you can resolve the squeaking in an inexpensive way. 

However you’re able to resolve the problem, though, what’s most important is that you get quality sleep- and that begins with a quiet bed!

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