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How Often Do People Change Furniture?

People occasionally change their furniture for a number of different reasons; sometimes, the change is intentional while other times it’s not. The following factors often contribute to when people change their furniture:  


Our sense of style says a lot about who we are, so it’s understandable that we want to change our home interiors to reflect us as individuals. As we grow older, our tastes may change, and we may want to change our furniture to achieve a certain look or make our home overall more attractive.

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Some furniture needs to be changed more frequently than others, especially pieces that we rest on like beds and upholstery. The average sofa can last up to five years, and a mattress usually lasts for five to ten years; of course, these estimates vary depending on use. 

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People often change their furniture when they’re downsizing or expanding so their pieces better fit their space. This is especially the case with retirees who give up their large homes for more manageable abodes, and they can’t take bulky furniture pieces with them. 


People may change their furniture to better accommodate- and impress- their house guests. Some may totally revamp entire rooms while others will upgrade their living room and dining room furniture. People also buy furniture for their guest bedrooms with the comfort of visitors in mind.

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Natural Disasters 

Unfortunately, we cannot control natural disasters like tornadoes and floods; there are also instances in which fires are uncontrollable. Furniture may be tarnished or completely ruined in the process, forcing people to purchase new furniture. 

How often do you change your furniture? Do you wish you could change it less often or more frequently? Let us know in the comments!

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