how to clean and disinfect furniture in your home

How to Clean and Disinfect Every Piece of Furniture in Your Home

During cold and flu season, we all know to wipe down frequently-touched surfaces like doorknobs, remotes, and toilets, but what about our furniture?

In the fight against viruses, furniture is often forgotten about but shouldn’t be. Think about it: after we go out into the world, we come back home and immediately plop down on the couch!

If you want to keep your home sick-free or prevent the spread of the cold/flu in your household, it’s important to learn how to properly clean and disinfect every piece of furniture in your home.

All disinfection methods listed in this article are also effective or thought to be effective against the new coronavirus, and coronaviruses are said to be easily killed with the appropriate products.


First, consult the hang tags that came with your upholstered furniture. Unless there are specific cleaning instructions, clean and disinfect your upholstery in the following manner.

Clean: If your upholstery material is fabric, vacuum using the upholstery brush feature. If the material is leather or leather-like, wipe down using a damp cloth then dry with another cloth.

Disinfect: Lightly mist isopropyl alcohol* of at least 70% over upholstery fabrics**- do not dampen furniture and allow time to dry before use. For leather products, lightly mist a cloth with isopropyl alcohol and wipe down; dry with another cloth if necessary.

*When cleaning with alcohol, open windows or doors or use in a well-ventilated room to avoid breathing in fumes.

**Alcohol doesn’t work well with fabrics made from delicate or synthetic materials like acetate, rayon, wool, and silk. Instead, use a fabric-safe disinfectant that works on all surfaces like Lysol disinfectant spray, which may work against the new coronavirus.

Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces include everything that isn’t upholstered like tables, dining chairs, consoles, bed frames, and other bedroom furniture.

Clean: Wipe down furniture using a damp cloth and dry with another cloth if necessary.

Disinfect: Wipe down furniture using Lysol, Clorox, or any other disinfectant wipe that’s safe for all surfaces and is effective against Human Coronavirus (information which can be found on the label).*

*Although Human Coronavirus and Covid-19 aren’t the same strand, experts say that these products may still work against this new coronavirus.


Clean: Remove sheets and blankets and vacuum your mattress using the upholstery brush feature. Next, air out your mattress by putting it outside for a few hours or prop it up against an open window. Then run a steam cleaner over your mattress or sprinkle baking soda on your mattress, leave it on for a few hours, and vacuum.

Disinfect: Lightly mist your mattress with isopropyl alcohol**, hydrogen peroxide, or Lysol disinfectant spray* and wipe clean with a cloth. Allow dry time.

*Lysol disinfectant spray may be effective against the new coronavirus.

**When cleaning with alcohol, open windows or doors or use in a well-ventilated room to avoid breathing in fumes.

These cleaning and disinfecting techniques are easy and only require typical household products. It’s usually recommended to clean/disinfect your furniture every six months, but you can do it an additional time or two during cold and flu season.

Do you plan on cleaning and disinfecting your furniture this cold and flu season? If so, do you have any cleaning/disinfecting tips of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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