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How to Decorate a Coastal-Inspired Condo

White Furniture

White furniture conveys the bright, breezy feeling of coastal life. If you don’t want white upholstery, though, opt for a light tan or even a blue.

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If there’s another color that says “coastal,” it’s blue. You can use various shades of blue in your decor and even an accent furniture piece.

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Texture is always an aspect of good interior design as it adds visual interest, and, in this case, it grounds an otherwise airy room of whites and blues.

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A white and blue room can come across as a bit cold, so liven things up a bit with planters and plants. This is also a great way to bring the outdoors inside.

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Sea Shells and Such

Another great way to bring the outdoors inside and add to a coastal theme is by decorating with sea shells and other elements, including pictures of wildlife.

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If you look at coastal-inspired rooms, you’ll often see two or more patterns at play, so have fun mixing different patterns- it’s also on-trend in 2020!

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One pattern you’ll see in particular is stripes, which have a nautical feel to them and are easy to pair with other patterns.

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Beach Signs

Nothing says “beach” more than a beach-themed sign! There are ton of stylish beach signs on the market whether you go to a department store or outlet store.

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Maps have a particularly coastal feel as they evoke travel and life on the water. Find a vintage map and hang it up as a statement piece!

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Nautical Decor

Ahoy! Decorate your coastal-themed condo with anchors, ropes, and other nautical accents. You can practically smell the salt water and hear the gulls!

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We hope this list of coastal elements will help you decorate the condo, cottage, or house of your dreams. Which of these elements can you see your self incorporating in your home? Tell us in the comments!

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