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How to Give a Rich Look to My Living Room

Who doesn’t want their home to look luxurious? Give a rich look to your living room with these simple tips and tricks!

Fresh Paint

Take your walls from drab to fab with a fresh coat of paint. This inexpensive fix will instantly add more value to your living room.

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Another thing you can do to your walls to give your living room a rich look is install molding.

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Neutral Walls

If you research luxurious living rooms, you’ll find that the majority of them have neutral walls, so paint your walls in a classic color like white, beige, or grey.

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Built-In Cabinets

Built-in cabinets just look stately, and you can get the look without hiring a contractor by combining two or more bookcases.

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In design, high drama equals high-class, so contrast light and dark colors in your living room through furniture and decor.

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Intentional Color Palette

Pick a color palette for your living room and stick to it. Being intentional with color makes a room look like it was carefully styled, and, thus, more expensive.

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High, Luxurious Curtains

Having the right window treatments can give a rich look to your living room. Opt for quality, floor-length drapes and, if you don’t have tall windows, place the curtain rod higher to create the illusion of such.

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Metallic Accents

Add some sparkle and shine to your living room through metallic decor. You can even work in metals through your furniture like end tables and cabinets.

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Large-Scale Wall Art

A large painting or photograph will elevate the look of your living room as it shows your appreciation for art; pieces like these can also serve as a focal point.

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Gallery Wall

If you have ample wall space, consider making one of your walls a “gallery” with a series of small photos and/or paintings.

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Hanging up a mirror or two adds style to your living room as well as helps the space look larger than what it actually is.

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Make your living room look more upscale by ensuring it’s illuminated with adequate daylight as well as table lamps and floor lamps, if necessary.

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Another way you can give you living room a rich look is by having at least one antique on display, and all the better if the antique has some gilding or weight to it.

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Fresh Flowers

While fake plants can sometimes look cheap, you’ll never have that problem with a live bouquet, so place some fresh flowers on your coffee table or console to make your living room look more expensive overall.

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Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an easy way to upgrade any room and give you the opportunity to play with color and texture.

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Having different textures in a room adds interest and depth to a space, so incorporate multiple textures like woods, fabrics, plants, and metals in your living room.

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Area Rug

Area rugs not only define a space but tie everything together, making your living room look complete. You may decide to have more than one rug if you have a large living room or want to layer rugs.

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Take your living room to the next level by creating one or more vignettes; this will show careful planning and attention to detail that people pay for.

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A rich living room isn’t necessarily filled with furniture and decor; less is more as a space without clutter looks more elegant and refined.

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Keep Your Space Clean

After you’ve decluttered and styled your living room, keep your space looking rich by keeping it clean!

We hope that our blog post has given you some ideas when it comes to giving your living room a richer look. Which of these tips and tricks do you see yourself trying? Tell us in the comments!

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