how to decorate with things you already have

How to Give Your Space New Life with Things You Already Have

You don’t have to go out (or go online) and buy a ton of accessories to revamp your home. Check out these ideas for how to give your space new life with things you already have.

Find Forgotten-About Accents

First, you need to know what you have! Take the time to go through your closets, boxes, and drawers- you might be surprised by what you find.

You could come across something you forgot about, a decoration you bought in the past but never used, or an item that you could re-purpose.

Reuse Holiday Decor

We know what you’re thinking: how? Some pieces can be easily reused like garlands or lights that can be draped along a mantel or entertainment unit.

Other pieces can be trickier to work with, like Halloween decor. Depending on the kind it is, even spooky things can be used as unique accents.

Display Antiques and Heirlooms

If you collect antiques or have family heirlooms, then you’re in luck because vintage is trending in 2020!

Show off your all treasures on a wall, shelf, or table, or mix them in with your modern decor for a more eclectic look.

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Set up a Vignette

If you have extra furniture, especially older pieces, you can arrange them with other decor you have to create a lovely vignette.

There are many ways you go about this, but most vignettes include some form of seating and another piece furniture so the space is semi-functional.

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Create Your Own Wall Art

Leave your mark, literally, by creating your own wall art using supplies you already have like canvases, paint, stencils, fabrics, etc.

If you’re not artistic or want something different, do an abstract painting and make it the focal point of your space for a refreshing change.

Bring a Plant Indoors

A little green goes a long way- in fact, studies show that having plants in your home makes you happier and healthier!

Take care to make sure that your indoor plant receives as much sunlight and water as it needs so you can enjoy the benefits for a long time.

Bring in the Patio Furniture, Too

Add a fresh feel to your space by bringing in your wicker chairs, metal tables, and other outdoor accents.

Even if you’re not going for a coastal or cottage look, these unexpected pieces will give you some variety to nail the mismatched furniture trend.


Instead of throwing them a way, use glass bottles as decor by reusing them as flower vases, filling them up with beads, buttons, or marbles, or displaying them alone if they’re eye-catching.

Other items you can repurpose as decor include odd dishes and glasses, soup cans, empty candles, light bulbs, boxes, leftover tile, and newspaper.

Paint a Piece of Furniture

Turn that old coffee table or rocking chair from drab to fab with a new coat of paint, preferably white or a bright color like teal.

Using chalk paint is particularly popular right now; it leaves a perfectly imperfect finish, which you can also distress for added character.

Move Things Around

When in doubt, move things about! Sometimes, simply rearranging furniture or swapping out some decor can renew a space.

Make moves that make your space feel bigger, lighter, and more open; this could even require removing something, at times.

Decorating with things you already have is simple and budget-friendly, making it incredibly easy to give any space new life.

Do you have any other tips for decorating with things you already have? We’d love to read your suggestions in the comments!

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