French Provencal furniture less feminine

How to Make a French Provencal Set Look Less “Feminine”

With shabby chic remaining popular, there has been a renaissance in French Provencal furniture. However, despite its gorgeous design, this style of furniture hasn’t been for everyone… until now! Read on and learn how to make a French Provencal set look less “feminine.”

Darker Furniture

Opt for French Provencal furniture that is a wood tone or a darker color. Shabby chic is all about light and airy spaces, so choosing darker furniture will “ground” this otherwise ultra-feminine style. If you find a light French Provencal set that you like or already have one, consider painting or staining your set.

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Darker Walls

Another way to make a French Provencal set look less feminine is by painting your walls a darker color or having a darker accent wall. Shabby chic utilizes a light monochromatic color scheme to create a super soft look, so break that up by going for darker walls. If you don’t want to go too dark, grey and tan will also work- just stay away from shades of white.

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Rough it Up

Make your French Provencal furniture look less prim and proper by roughing it up some with the distressing technique. Simply sand down certain areas of the furniture with sand paper or distress your furniture as you’re painting it with chalk paint. If you’re not keen on on DIY distressing, choose a French Provencal set that is already distressed. You can also decorate with rustic accessories to help achieve a less-than-pristine look.

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Mix it Up

If you want your French Provencal set to look less feminine, avoid matching everything and mix pieces when you can. The picture below shows a French Provencal table with different chairs and an odd buffet. If you have a complete set such as a table and chairs or five-piece bedroom group, add furniture of other colors and styles to the mix. You may also want to consider splitting set across multiple rooms so each space is eclectic.

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Add Plants (Not Flowers, Through)

Bringing the outdoors inside is not only trendy but will help give a rustic look to a French Provencal set. Opt for plants that look more “wild,” and avoid flowers as they’re automatically feminine.

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It may take some creativity and experimenting, but a French Provencal set doesn’t have to look feminine. Start transforming your furniture with these tips!

Do you like the French Provencal style? How do you decorate around it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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