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How to Make a Room Feel More Cheery

Does your space seem a little gloomy or dull? Brighten things up with these tips for making a room feel more cheery!

Bright Colors

Not surprisingly, colors like yellow, green, blue, pink, and orange can really brighten up a room. You can paint the walls in these colors or use them as accents in your furniture and decor.

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Plenty of Light

Natural light not only helps brighten up a space, but it’s also been proven to boost your mood, too. Open the blinds and trade heavy drapes for softer curtains as well as use more lighting fixtures, if necessary.

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Plants and Flowers

Adding a plant or flower to a room will instantly make it feel more cheery because they’re also mood-boosters, plus they’re on trend in 2020!

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Things You Love

Your space will make you especially happy if it has things you like, so display your favorite artwork and collectibles. Others will find these things cheery, too, as they add a warm, personal touch.

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Happy Accents

Another way to make a room feel more cheery is by adding decor with positive or humorous messages as they’ll bring a smile to the reader’s face.

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A Bit of Whimsy

Add more cheer to a space with a bit of whimsy whether it’s a piece of quirky decor or funky furniture. An easy way to do this is bringing a piece of outdoor furniture indoors!

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Furniture with Round Edges

There’s just something about furniture with round edges that makes a feel a little happier, so go for round tables or upholstery with rounded arms.

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Clutter is stressful and can weigh down a room, so make your space feel lighter and brighter by getting rid of unnecessary things.

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We hope this list helps you make your space feel more cheery. Do you have any additional tips you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments!

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