how to make a room feel more relaxing

How to Make a Room Feel More Relaxing

Happy Stress Awareness Month! We know all to well what stress is, but how do we effectively deal with it in our day-to-day lives?

Escape daily stressors and turn your home into a serene sanctuary with these tips for making a room feel more relaxing.

Remove Clutter

An easy way to instantly make a room more relaxing is to simply tidy up the space and remove clutter.

Clutter has been shown to increase stress and anxiety, which are the last things you want to experience when you’re trying to relax.

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Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are trending in 2020, and for good reason- they clean the air, help you stay healthy, and promote relaxation.

Make a room feel more relaxing by adding a plant or two (or three). If you don’t have a green thumb, start off small with some simple succulents.

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Walls in Soothing Hues

Another way to make a room feel more relaxing is by painting the walls soft, cool-toned colors like blues, greens, and greys.

Don’t want to commit to a color? Shades of white and beige are also relaxing wall colors; bring in an accent color or two or keep your room monochromatic.

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An often forgotten sense, smell is powerful when it comes to improving our mood, so buy candles, incense, or essential oils in certain scents to help you relax.

Some of the most relaxing scents are lavender, vanilla, and rose, but you can also use whatever scents are most comforting to you whether its woodsy balsam or sweet sugar cookie.

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Soft Textiles

Touch is another sense that can’t be ignored when it comes to making a room feel more relaxing.

Make sure that your upholstery is soft to the touch and use comfy throw pillows and blankets to make a room extra-cozy.

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Personal Touches

What feels more relaxing than being surrounded by the things you love?

Decorate a space with personal photos and mementos, handmade crafts, and family heirlooms to create a sanctuary that’s truly your own.

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Soft Lighting

Lighting greatly contributes to the ambiance of space, and you can make a room feel more relaxing with soft lighting.

Get soft white light bulbs for just the right amount of lighting, and trade out your light switches for dimmers so you can adjust the brightness.

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Natural Sunlight

Sunlight is good for our overall health and boosts our mood, so it’s no surprise that we find the sun’s rays to be relaxing.

Make a room feel more relaxing by maximizing natural light with the proper window treatments, and, if your space doesn’t have much in the way of windows, invest in some full-spectrum lights to achieve the same effect.

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Incorporating some form of movement can help make a room feel more relaxing as we are calmed by motion in nature.

Bring relaxing movement to your space by placing a small fountain on a table, hanging a wind chime near a window or door, or turning an hour glass or piece of sand art now and then.


Rearrange your furniture to promote relaxation by placing sofas, loveseats, and chairs closely and having them face each other for a sense of coziness and intimacy.

You can also rearrange your furniture to face away from electronics and towards the window so occupants can have a view of the outdoors.

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No Electronics

Speaking of which, you can turn off and conceal electronics, if possible, to make a room feel more relaxing.

Hide your TV when it’s not in use by closing the doors of your armoire or cabinet. You can also minimize the presence of your TV by placing it amidst other pieces of visual interest like wall art or placing it off-center, removing your TV as a focal point.

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Your space will definitely feel more relaxing once you start playing spa, meditation, or flute music.

You can also relax to nature sounds like the sounds of rainfall, birds chirping, and fire crackling.

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Natural Materials

Another way to bring the relaxing outdoors inside is with decor, accents, and furniture pieces that are made from natural materials.

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White Candles

Candles, specifically white candles, provide the movement and warmth needed to draw you into a relaxing state.

Remember to never leave open flames unattended; if you have children or pets, you should probably consider using flameless LED candles instead.

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Feng Shui: Balance

The art of Feng Shui is known to bring harmony into a room and instill a relaxing atmosphere, so incorporate some of its principles in your space.

A simple way to practice Feng Shui is by making sure that there is balance in a room; balance lights and darks and arrange things so the room appears symmetrical.

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We hope this list of tips will help make the rooms in your home feel more relaxing and less stressful!

Which of these things make you feel the most relaxed at home? Tell us in the comments below!

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