moving furniture without hurting back

How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Hurting Your Back

Whether you’re moving or simply switching things around, you have to be careful when moving heavy furniture lest you hurt your back in the process. Read on for tips on how to move heavy furniture more easily and safely.

Phone a Friend 

If they’re able to assist you, ask a friend or family member to help you move heavy furniture instead of rushing to move things on your own with the possible chance of injury. 

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Lift With Your Knees

When moving heavy furniture, many people make the mistake of lifting with their back, causing strain and even a pulled muscle. Instead, lift heavy furniture by bending your knees and rising up instead of bending backwards. 

Roll a Furniture Dolly 

The creator of the furniture dolly is unknown, but thank goodness it exists! Also known as a  hand truck, a furniture dolly is a rolling device that you put furniture on as you transport it from one place to another without carrying the heavy load.

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Lift with a Shoulder Dolly 

Have you heard of a shoulder dolly (a.k.a., furniture moving straps)? It requires two people to move a piece of heavy furniture but makes lifting so much easier. The shoulder strap can be adjusted from different lengths to accommodate any items that you’re moving.

Glide Furniture with Blankets 

Another smart way to move heavy furniture is using blankets. The old-school method involves putting a blanket under a piece of furniture and gliding it to where you need to transport. All you need to lift are the corners of the piece to place the blanket. 

It may be time-consuming, but moving heavy furniture doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck- or back! Hopefully, these tips will you help you accomplish this task without strain or injury.

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