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How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Scraping the Floors

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just moving some things around, make sure you don’t scrape your floors by following our tips for moving heavy furniture.

Clean Your Floors

Before you move anything, be sure to pick up, vacuum, and mop your floors so you can more easily slide your heavy furniture (see instructions below).

Cleaning your floors before moving heavy furniture will also help prevent tripping and scraping the floors as well as your furniture.

Enlist Help

Moving heavy furniture is a difficult task, so enlist the help of family, friends, or even professional movers.

Getting help not only makes it easier moving heavy furniture and gets the job done faster, but it also helps prevent strain and injury.

Disassemble and Empty Heavy Furniture

Reduce the weight of your heavy furniture my disassembling and emptying it, if possible; this will make the task of moving things go smoother.

Often times, depending on the furniture, an item can be broken down into two or more pieces by unscrewing parts, whether it’s a mirror, hutch, or legs.

Move Heavy Furniture Slowly and Carefully

It may seem like a given, but be sure to move heavy furniture slowly and carefully so you can gauge how the following are working and stop moving, if necessary.

Proceeding with caution also reduces the risk of strain or injury, especially to your back and neck.

Slide- Don’t Drag- Heavy Furniture

When it comes to moving heavy furniture, sliding is sometimes the best way to go. Simply place something between the leg(s)/bottom of your furniture and the floor and slide.

You can use blankets, towels, felt pads, cardboard, hardboard, sliders, gliders, plastic bags (doubled), and even business cards as a means to slide your furniture across the floor.

Use Moving Dollies with Soft, Inflatable Wheels

Moving dollies can be helpful when moving heaving furniture, but be sure that the dolly has soft, inflatable wheels so they don’t scratch or dent the floor (especially wood flooring).

Lift Heavy Furniture Properly

If you have to lift heavy furniture, be sure to do so properly by using the strength of legs instead of your back or arms.

Don’t let your furniture scrape your nice floors and follow these tips next time you’re moving heavy furniture.

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