How to Redecorate Without Leaving Your Home

Looking at the same four walls can get old after a while, so why not switch things up with some redecorating?

If you can’t get out, no problem- just check out our tips for how to redecorate without leaving your home!

Rearrange Existing Pieces

Sometimes, simply moving things around can freshen up your space, so rearrange your furniture and decor in a new, creative way.

Not sure what to do? Start off by following some principles of Feng Shui like decluttering, maximizing plants and nature-inspired decor, and facing key furniture opposite a room’s door.

How to Make a Room Feel More Relaxing

Re-purpose “Old” Decor

If you enjoy interior design, you likely have some decor stored away that you can reuse or accessories you bought in the past but never used.

If you’re particularly creative, you can also re-purpose your holiday decor, too, like your garlands, wreathes, or just about any seasonal item… even your Christmas tree!

How to Give Your Space New Life with Things You Already Have

Make a Craft

Do you have craft supplies at home? If so, you can add a personal touch to your space by making a craft like a centerpiece or a piece of wall art.

Another idea: you can up-cycle items you already have like making a wreath from a bicycle wheel or turning a wood ladder into a photo display.

Simple and Easy Crafts for Wall Art

Shop Online

If new is calling you, shop online for home decor; be on the lookout for deals like markdowns and seasonal clearance sales.

A few online stores we like are Hobby Lobby, Overstock, and Amazon where you get perks like regular sales or free shipping.

Furniture Shopping: Buying Online vs. Buying Brick-and-Mortar

Phone a Friend

As they say, one man’s trash (or old decor) is another man’s treasure, so do an accessory swap with a friend or family member.*

This idea is especially interesting if you two have different tastes, requiring you to get creative- and, who knows, you might wind up really liking what they gave you!

*You can do a contactless exchange by leaving your accessory outside your front door, then the other person can drive by and simply switch your accessory with one of theirs.

Do you think you’ll give stay-at-home decorating a try? Let us know in the comments below!

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