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Main Concepts of Farmhouse Interior Design

The farmhouse style is the country cousin of shabby chic. Although they share some similarities, they’re nonetheless two different looks.

Gaining popularity in recent years, farmhouse is rustic without being woodsy and light without being girly. Read on for its main concepts!

Light Walls

Almost always, you’ll find that farmhouse-styled rooms have light-colored walls like shades of white, grey, and beige.

Using light colors on walls makes rooms feel fresh, open, and even larger, all of the things you would expect in a farmhouse.

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Whitewash Furniture

From coffee tables and cabinets to dining and bedroom sets, whitewash furniture is a staple of the farmhouse style.

While not everything has to be whitewashed, having a piece or two in this finish contributes to the fresh country look.

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Sometimes, the light and airy look of farmhouse style is contrasted with a grounding color such as black or brown.

The contrast is usually in the form of dark furniture and decor and looks stark against the light backdrop that farmhouse often has.

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Wood Tones

With light walls and whitewashed furniture, farmhouse often includes wood tones to warm up a space.

Wood tones often show up through furniture and flooring but can also come in the form of decor and shelving.

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Country Decor

Nothing says “country” more than accents that look like they’re straight from the farm like lanterns, signage, and windmills.

These decorations are quite mainstream now so you can find them at both craft stores and department stores; antique shops and flea markets are also great places to find decor.

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Open Shelving

Farmhouse design is simple, and you’ll often see open shelving like the rustic-industrial ones pictured.

The open shelving can be used to hold plates, kitchen utensils, etc., but they can also display decor and photos.

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Barn Doors

As the farmhouse look has grown in popularity, so have barn doors. You’ll find them on a number of furniture pieces as well as decor.

In terms of furniture, you’ll often see barn doors on TV stands and bedroom furniture on chests and headboards.

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Rustic Accents

Rustic accents such as lighting and shelving can especially evoke that farmhouse feeling in your home.

Other ideas: you can also replace your doors with barn doors and change install a wood wall cabinet.

Buffalo Check

Farmhouse style favors solids over patterns, but one pattern you’ll often find in farmhouse spaces is buffalo check.

You can incorporate buffalo check in a number of ways from throw pillows and blankets to table runners and floor mats.

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Window Panels

Window panels are a popular choice for decor when it comes to styling your home in the farmhouse theme.

You’ll often see empty window panels on walls above console tables and sofas, and, sometimes, they hang on an empty wall.


Ladders are another popular item you’ll see in farmhouse decor and are often used to display knick knacks and hold blankets or towels.

Ladders can also be used to prop up or hang photos as a unique alternative to a multi-photo frame.

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Fewer things are more fitting for farmhouse style than bringing in plants in pots or planters.

Whether you like flowers or simple greenery, plants will breathe new life into any room and make your space feel more cheery.

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Warming Words

Add more warmth to your farmhouse home by using signage that says things such as “welcome,” “home, sweet home,” or anything else that makes you feel happy.

You can also add a personal touch to your space with signage that features your monogram or your household’s last name.

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Crates and Baskets

As far as farmhouse decor goes, crates and baskets are actually quite useful!

They’re great for organization and storage in every area of the house whether it’s the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom.

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Wall Hooks

Looking through photos of farmhouse-inspired homes, you’ll often see hooks for hanging keys, jackets, and bags, especially in the foyer.

You can also use hooks to hang photos and create a rustic gallery wall of sorts.

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What are your favorite elements of farmhouse style? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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