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Master Bedroom Must-Haves

You know your bedroom should be different from the others in your house, but how exactly do you take your bedroom to the next level? Elevate your space with these master bedroom must-haves.

Impressive Bedroom Furniture

Furnish your space with stylish, quality master bedroom furniture. Look for large drawers and good construction because you want these pieces to function well for you and hold up over time.

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Statement Piece Above Bed

You don’t want your master bedroom to be bland. Make a statement by hanging up a piece of wall art or a sign that reflect your style or the mood you want to create.

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Comfortable Mattress

A comfortable, quality queen or king mattress is a must for a master bedroom. For increased longevity, choose a mattress that’s medium to firm, and rotate/flip your new mattress according to the manufacturer’s directions.

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Quality Bedding Set

There are fewer things better than sinking into cozy covers at the end of a long day. Maximize your comfort with higher thread-count sheets and a classic duvet and pillow set.

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Wool Throw Blanket

Having a wool blanket in your master bedroom isn’t only handy on chilly nights, but it also adds texture and visual interest to the room.

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Bench at Foot of Bed

A bench is another convenient thing to have in the master bedroom as it provides seating and is useful for laying out clothes or sitting on to put on shoes. Bonus points if it’s a storage bench!

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Additional Seating

Having additional seating is great in a master room because it provides you a place to relax without having to get into bed.

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Rug Under Bed

A rug under the bed gives a master bedroom a stylish flair; just be sure to secure the rug to the floor with rug tape to avoid tripping.

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The Right Lighting

Having the proper lighting is important whether you’re trying to look into your drawers, read a book, or wind down for bed. Warm light bulbs will help your master bedroom feel more cozy, and three-way lamps and dimmers are great to have so you can adjust your level of light.

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Which of these master bedroom must-haves are you thinking about using in your space? Tell us in the comments!

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