should living room furniture match

Should Living Room Furniture Match?

When decorating a living room, there’s a tendency to make sure all of your furniture matches, but does it all really have to? Not necessarily.

While matching all of your living room furniture is satisfying, it can look a little staged. Not to mention, trying to make sure that everything matches can drive a person crazy!

Matching all of your living room furniture may even look a bit outdated since 2020 is all about mixing things up. But how exactly do you mix furniture? And does that mean nothing can match?

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The key to mixing furniture in your living room is to either match or contrast colors and styles. In cases where you can’t strike a close match, it’s better to contrast because pieces that “sort of” work together leave something to be desired.

For instance, if you’re mixing occasional tables and want oak, you can get a few different tables that are all an oak finish even if they’re not the same exact shade; it’s OK for some pieces to be slightly lighter or darker than others, especially if they’re not going to be side-by-side.

However, if you wanted to have a more eclectic living room, say, country-style, you could pair a large oak coffee table with a white distressed end table and a black sofa table.

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Another example: pairing a sofa with a couple of recliners that are almost the same shade of chocolate and have very similar arms. A contrast would look like pairing a teal sofa with a couple of coral accent chairs that pick up on the flowers in the throw pillows.

In addition to mixing colors, you can mix different types of furniture; one popular trend now is bringing outdoor furniture like patio chairs and wicker tables into the living room. Talk about mismatched! But it works because of the contrast with the traditional living room furniture.

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