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Simple and Easy Crafts for Wall Art

To celebrate of National Craft Month, we’ve compiled a list of simple and easy- and we mean easy– crafts for wall art.

You don’t have to be an artist to do these crafts, and, what’s better, you may even already have the supplies for some of these!

Canvas Art

Canvas art can be as simple or detailed as you want it to be. If you want to make something simple, round up stencils, tape, and spray paint (or regular paint) for quick canvas wall art.

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Wood Art

You can apply the previous idea to other surfaces, such as wood panels and pallet plaques. Opting for wood is a good choice if you’re making rustic wall art.

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Pressed Plant Art

Pressed plant art is simple yet so pretty. Use a single plant or a variety of plants and flowers to showcase as wall art. Use flora that’s in-season for to turn this display into seasonal decor.

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Yarn Wall Hanging

Yarn wall hangings are trendy and can be found everywhere from Anthropologie to Hobby Lobby. Make a yarn hanging that’s uniquely yours with your choice of yarn colors plus beads and ribbons.

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Coloring Page Art

You can take a page out of your own book for this one… your coloring book! Simply choose a coloring page, color it using your desired colors, put your picture in a frame, and, viola, it’s wall art!

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Sharpie Art

Sharpie art is very simple. Just freehand, trace, or stencil a design, then outline and color it in with Sharpie! Use black or color Sharpies, which ever you prefer.

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Wood Plaque Art

Take a decorative wood cut-out plaque, paint it, and adhere it to a canvas for simple mixed media wall art.

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Fake Succulent Art

Indoor plants are trending in 2020, and a different way to incorporate plants into your home is with fake succulent art.

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Abstract Art

Perhaps the easiest on this list, abstract art is just a matter of painting brushstrokes on a canvas. This craft would be especially fun to do with your child or grandchild.

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Fabric and Canvas Art

Another easy craft to make is fabric and canvas art. Simply choose a fabric, stretch it over the front of the canvas, and fold down and staple the fabric in the back.

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We hope you’ll enjoy making at least one of these simple and easy crafts for wall art. Show us your creations by reaching out to us on Facebook and Pinterest!

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