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Ten Terrific Ideas for Summer Home Decor

The summer season will soon be upon us, so get your home summer-ready with these ten terrific ideas for summer home decor.

Warm Welcome Sign

Give a warm welcome to all who enter you home with a rustic welcome sign, wreath, or floor mat. Your hospitality won’t go unnoticed!

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Lemons and Watermelons

Enjoy the fruits of your labor a little earlier this year with brightly-colored lemon and watermelon-themed decor.

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Red, White, and Blue

Show your American pride just in time for the Fourth of July with red, white, and blue decor from pops of patriotic colors to full flags on display.

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Decorative Bicycles and Wheels

This trend circles back around each year to add some fun and whimsy to our homes during the summer season.

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Gardening Supplies

Gardening supplies aren’t just good for gardening. Hoses, wheelbarrows, and shovels come in handy as quirky summer decor, too!

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Of course, sunflowers make this list of summer decor ideas, and you can use them in all kinds of ways from arrangements and wreaths to signs and throw pillows.

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Busy Bees

Will you be a busy bee this summer or stay at home in your hive? Either way, bees, honey pots, and hives make cute summer home decor!

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Plants are trending in 2020, especially in the summer when we want to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside more than ever.

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Buffalo Check Pattern

This classic pattern is quintessential to summer home decor. Use it in your curtains, table runners, throw pillows- you name it, you can check it!

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Personalize your summer home decor and make a statement with monograms. Put your last initial on any number of things!

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Which summer home decor idea(s) do you like? Tell us in the comments!

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