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Tips for Buying Dining Room Furniture

Looking for a dinette or dining room set? Read our tips for buying dining room furniture before you make this important investment!

Think About What You Really Need

Before anything else, think about what you truly need in a dining space. Often times, people buy large dining sets with the idea of entertaining when, really, a small dinette might better suit their needs.

Consider Maintenance and Cleanability

The easiest table tops to clean and maintain are formica, then glass, then wood finishes. Glass table tops accumulate the most finger prints and smudges while wood and wood veneer table tops require the most care.

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Research Ideas and Inspiration

It’s helpful to get some ideas before you go shopping by looking at furniture websites as well as platforms like Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration. For easy reference, save your favorites on your phone or bring printouts.

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Determine Your Budget

Figure out how much you’re willing to spend on a new dining set before you go out shopping. You can expect to pay at least $399 for a small four-piece dinette and at least $799 for a modest seven-piece set.

Measure Your Dining Space, Hallways, and Entryways

Even more important before you go shopping: measure, measure, measure! Measure how much dining space you have as well as your hallways and entryways to make sure you can get your new dining set in the house.

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… And Factor in Three Feet of Clearance!

Also, account for three feet of clearance from the table to the wall- this will ensure that your new dining set fits your space comfortably and allows enough room for people to get in and out of their seats.

Don’t Be Stuck on a Particular Style, Shape, Size, etc.

While you’re out shopping, you may find that what you want isn’t available or doesn’t exist, so be open to other options- you might find that they work better for you, anyway!

Check for Good Construction

You’ll want to make sure that your new dining room set has good construction, so look under the floor model’s table. The less parts and pieces, the better, and make sure that nothing is wobbly.

Choose a Shape and Finish That Best Suits Your Space

If you have a small dining space, opt for a round table. Is your dining space narrow? Then choose a rectangular table. You can also brighten and open up a room more by going for a glass table.

Free up Space by Using a Bench Instead of Chairs

With some dining sets, you’ll find that the chairs don’t fully fit under the table, adding more bulk. Maximize your space by replacing your chairs (or some of your chairs) with benches!

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We hope these tips for buying dining room furniture prove helpful during your search. What do you look for when buying a new dining set? Tell us in the comments!

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