tips decorate large living room

Tips for Decorating a Large Living Room

In design, bigger isn’t always better. Larger rooms can have their own challenges like feeling “cold” or having too much dead space.

Avoid these pitfalls and make your space look complete and cozy by following these tried-and-true tips for decorating a large living room.

Establish a Focal Point

Even in a large living room, the eye will tend to go to one spot, so determine your focal point and accentuate it with your furniture and decor placement.

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Divide Your Living Room into Zones

It’s likely that your large living room serves a few purposes, so divide this space into zones for specific activities like chatting, watching TV, and playing board games.

Create a Second Seating Area

If your living room is large enough, create a second seating area where people can relax and chat. This will give you more seating options and utilize otherwise dead space.

Define and Anchor Zones

Place an area rug in each zone to define as well as anchor the space. Additionally, you can anchor each zone by placing an ottoman or coffee in the center.

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Select Furniture That’s to Scale

A large living room calls for larger furniture, so don’t hesitate to get that extra-long sofa or L-shaped sectional. If you have high ceilings, you’ll also want to make sure that bookshelves and hutches are tall as well.

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Choose Larger Decor as Well

Take up some extra space in a large living room by choosing larger wall art, accent furniture, and plants. One of these larger pieces can also serve as a focal point if your living room doesn’t already have one.

Get a Media Center

There’s no better way to designate a space for watching TV or playing video games than having a large wall unit with shelves, a TV stand, and a bridge. The extra storage also comes in handy.

Avoid Wall-Hugging

Push your upholstery away from the walls when you can to create a cozier, more intimate seating area. “Floating” your furniture like this can be especially beneficial in spacious rooms where walls are far apart.

Stick to a Single Color Scheme

Stick to a single color scheme in a large living room so that the room has a natural flow and doesn’t look too busy with a wide variety of colors.

Vary Patterns and Textures

Use different patterns and textures in your large living room to create visual interest as well as instill a sense of warmth. You can introduce these elements through decor such as pillows, throw blankets, wall art, rugs, plants, and accent furniture.

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Add More Lighting if Necessary

If you have a large living room, chances are you have large windows that let in natural light. However, make sure have sufficient lighting at night with tables lamps and floor lamps.

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Add Architectural Elements

If your living room is particularly large, you can add some architectural elements like columns or beams to add more style and visual interest to your space.

We hope our blog post has given you some ideas for how to decorate your large living room. What’s the biggest challenge for you when it comes to decorating a large space? Tell us in the comments!

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