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Design Tips for Living in a Small Space

We can’t always control how much space we have, but we can do is decide what to do with it. If you can relate, check out these helpful tips for living in a small space!

Paint Walls in Light Colors

Make a small space feel more open and spacious by painting the walls in a shade of white or some other light color.

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Look for the Bare Necessities

Maximize the space you have by narrowing down what you absolutely need in a room and getting rid of what you don’t.

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For instance, if you have a dining set but hardly ever eat at home- or at the table- consider replacing it with something more useful or just leave the space empty for now, which will make your small space appear larger.

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Organize Your Belongings

Take the time to organize your consolidated belongings because, once things are tidied up, you’ll likely find that you gain more space.

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Utilize Vertical Storage

Instead of getting a bulky armoire or more drawers for additional storage, opt for slim bookshelves and high shelves spanning the length of the room.

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Get Creative with Storage

Sometimes, you have to get creative with storage when you have a small space. Check out ideas from lists like The Krazy Coupon Lady’s 33 Sneaky, Small-Space Organization Hacks.

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Opt for Furniture with Storage Features

When room or closet storage is limited, furniture that doubles as storage space is immensely helpful in a small space.

Beds and dining tables with drawers and ottomans with storage help maximize storage in any room of your home.

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Or Store Belongings Under Furniture

Don’t have furniture with built-in storage? You can still make the most of your furniture by storing your belongings underneath your sofa or bed.

Organize a short storage container to slide under your furniture; if you don’t have enough clearance, put risers on the legs of your furniture to create more room.

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Select Smaller Furniture

Selecting smaller furniture can help maximize your small space by creating more room so you don’t feel cramped as well as allowing for more pieces, increasing functionality.

Depending on the size of your space, you may want to consider getting apartment furniture since it’s made to accommodate the average 882 square-foot rental.

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Set Down a Large Area Rug

Contrary to what you might think, setting down a large area rug in a small space creates a focal point, drawing the eye to one place, thereby making the surrounding area seem larger than what it is.

A large area rug also helps anchor a small space and tie your smaller pieces of furniture together, which can look diminutive even in a small room.

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Hang up a Large Mirror

In the same way, a large mirror can also act as a focal point, plus its reflection gives the illusion of more space.

Place a large mirror above a sofa or on a bare wall to make a room look like it goes on and on.

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Or Hang up a Large Statement Piece

Another option: hang up a large statement piece. You can try to hang up a mirror and a statement piece, but a small room may not have enough wall space.

Hanging up a large statement piece also adds interest and character, which may be lost in a small space due to size restrictions excluding many furniture pieces and decor.

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Create Multi-Purpose Spaces

Creating multi-purpose spaces throughout your small home helps you get the most function out of the space you have.

One way to create a multi-purpose space is to have a sofa table behind a sofa also function as a desk or dining table. Just add a chair or two.

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Use Room Dividers

Using curtains as separators can be helpful to distinguish one space from another in the same room.

For instance, if you have to have your office in your bedroom, close off your desk with a curtain or even a partition so you’re not looking at your work space when you’re trying to sleep.

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Use Closet Space for Furniture

Save space in a small room by putting your dresser, chest, or desk inside of your closet.

Another perk: if you choose to keep them, you can easily hide whatever is inside by closing the closet doors.

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Remove Closet Doors

Removing the closet doors can actually make a room appear larger by not closing in the room as much.

The key to removing your closet doors is making sure that your closet is neat and organized, so you may want to invest in some smart-looking storage solutions for your closet.

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Do you live in a small space? Which of these tips do you find useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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