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Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for 2020

1. Get Rid of Clutter Throughout Your House

Before anything else, declutter your home; this will make the spring cleaning process easier, your finished result look better, and it easier to keep spaces tidy.

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2. Clean Your House from Top-to-Bottom

Make sure you’re spring cleaning your home from top-to-bottom as the dust and debris will fall before clean your floors as well as any other lower surfaces.

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3. Divide Tasks into Small Chunks

Looking at your to-do list can be daunting, so break up large tasks into smaller chunks.

For example, instead of setting out to clean the entire kitchen, you can 1) wipe down the counters, appliances, and sink, 2) throw away expired food items, 3) reorganize the refrigerator and pantry, 4) reorganize your dishes, containers, and cookware, and 5) sweep and mop the floor.

You can do each chunk one right after another or do a few chunks in the morning and a couple more in the afternoon, whichever is more feasible for you.

4. Use Common Kitchen Staples as Cleaners

Save money and cut down on chemicals by cleaning with common kitchen staples such as baking soda and vinegar. Both baking soda and vinegar can be used to remove stains and clean surfaces.*

*Baking soda and vinegar kill some germs, but not all, so sanitize surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfect. This is especially important for frequently-touched surfaces and surfaces where food is prepared and cooked.

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5. Multi-Task with Double-Duty Products

Make spring cleaning easier for yourself by saving time and money with products such as multi-purpose cleaners and mops that clean and polish.

6. Steam-Clean for More Green Cleaning

If you want a more environmental-friendly way to clean your home, use a steam cleaner, a 100%-natural and chemical-free cleaning solution that uses only hot water vapor. It can clean a number of things, including appliances, tile and hard floors, bathrooms, and outdoor areas.

7. Prepare to Clean if You Have Allergies

If you have allergies, avoid worsening them during spring cleaning by checking cleaners for allergens plus wearing gloves, a mask, a scarf, and a hairnet, if necessary.

8. Make Small Changes to Your Spaces

Making a small change like rearranging furniture or hanging a piece of wall art can give boost your spring cleaning efforts by refreshing your home.

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9. Clean Smart- Not Hard- with Cool Gadgets

Why make spring cleaning any harder than it has to be? Check out these products that will cut your cleaning time in half!

10. Keep Your House Smelling Fresh with Dryer Sheets

After spring cleaning, keep your home smelling fresh by placing a drying sheet at the bottom of your trash can before your trash bag.

Dryer sheets can be used for a number of other things, too, like picking up pet hair, dusting blinds, and wiping soap scum off shower doors.

Bonus Tip: Clean with Just Water and a Microfiber Cloth!

A number of stains can come out of your upholstery by just rubbing with a damp microfiber cloth! If you need to use a heavy-duty stain remover or cleaner, refer to the care instructions for your furniture.

We hope this top ten spring cleaning tips and tricks are helpful as you embark on cleaning your home this season.

Do you have other great tips and tricks for spring cleaning? Let us know in the comments!

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