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What are the Best Ways to Design a Dining Room Space?

Whether you have a formal dining room or a kitchen nook, these tips will help you design a space that’s both attractive and functional.

Consider Function

When designing a dining room space, keep in mind how often and how many people gather there on a regular basis.

If you don’t entertain often or have a large household that dines together, you probably don’t need a large rectangular dining table. A small circular or square dining table might better suit your needs.

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Determine a Focal Point

Where does the eye go first? The dining table? A wall? A window? Decide where the focal point is and keep this in mind as well when designing your dining room space.

For instance, if your focal point is a wall, you may want to consider hanging up a large statement piece or painting the wall in an accent color.

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Select Dining Room Furniture That’s to Scale

Before you go shopping for furniture, measure your dining room space so you can avoid purchasing furniture that’s too large or too small.

Selecting furniture that’s to scale will also help create an intimate dining experience and ensure three feet of clearance between the table and walls.

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Install Sufficient Lighting

Although you may not want to dine under bright lights, it’s still important to have sufficient lighting so you can see who you’re sitting with and what’s on your plate.

Your best bet for dining room space lighting is to install a chandelier above the center of the table; if this isn’t possible, consider putting sconces on walls or a bright lamp on the server.

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Opt for Storage Pieces

If possible, get a server or cabinet to store your dinnerware and glasses. This can prove helpful when it’s time to set up the table, and it separates your good dishes from your everyday ones.

These storage pieces also provide extra surface space to place food and drinks when table or counter space is limited.

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Get a Room-Sized Area Rug

A larger area rug anchors and defines a dining room space as well as adds additional style through colors and patterns.

Since chairs will often be moved, it’s best to lay rug tape or a rug mat underneath your area rug to avoid bunching, which poses a tripping hazard.

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Mix Your Dining Room Furniture

Sometimes, matching all of your dining room furniture can look a bit dated; other times, it may not even be possible.

If you’re inclined to give the trend of mismatched furniture a try, you put chairs of different styles with a table and/or pass on the matching server.

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Experiment with Color and Texture

Another way to add style to your dining room space is experimenting with color and texture to create visual interest.

If you need ideas, sites like Pinterest and Houzz have plenty of inspiration for all dining room space styles and sizes.

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Are you designing or redecorating a dining room space? Tell us which tips you found to be the most helpful!

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