colors go with brown living room furniture

What Colors Go With Brown Living Room Furniture?

A lot of people opt for brown living room furniture, but choosing wall and accent colors can be a bit trickier.

Since brown is a neutral, many colors will go with it, and these are the most popular pairings you’ll see with brown.


An obvious and safe choice, the crispness of white goes well with a variety of browns from light tans to rich chocolates.

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Another easy color, grey is a cool neutral that will contrast nicely with warm browns and complement cool browns.

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Blue and brown make a beautiful combination. Use blue on your walls or work in blue accents to go with any and all shades of brown.

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Turquoise looks gorgeous with brown, especially warm-toned browns like sienna and rust. This bold color works well in a variety of spaces whether your style is traditional, contemporary, rustic, or glam.

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Green and brown go well together because they’re both earth tones. If you want your living room to feel more relaxing, opt for this color combo.

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The key to using yellow in a room with brown furniture is to paint walls pale yellow and then add bright yellow accents for punch.

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Yellow may be too cheery for some, so the next best option is pairing your brown furniture with gold whether it’s soft gold walls or gold accents. Gold and brown living rooms feel particularly cozy because of their warm hues.

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Orange is a strong color. Vibrant shades are stimulating and better for decor than walls, but you could paint walls in more muted shade such as rust, which pairs nicely with brown living room furniture.

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Other Browns

You can also pair brown with other shades of brown for a monochromatic look that will go with a variety of styles.

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Which colors would look best with your brown living room furniture? Tell us in the comments!

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