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What is the Best Way to Arrange Living Room Furniture?

There’s not one perfect way to arrange a living room since they vary in size and shape, but following these design principles will help you best maximize your space.

Start off by asking yourself some questions. Who uses the living room? What are the main activities there? Knowing these things in advance helps you decide how many seats and what specific furniture pieces your living room needs.

Take Measurements of Your Living Room

You’ll want to take measurements of your living room so you can determine if your furniture is to scale and possible configurations.

Make sure your furniture is the appropriate size for your space and that everything can comfortably fit in your living room.

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Determine a Focal Point

For optimum functionality, determine a focal point whether its a fireplace, TV, or window, and arrange your furniture around it.

In some cases, you can mount a TV on top of a fireplace or put a TV in the corner next to a window so you can get the best of both views.

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Then Arrange Furniture for Conversation

Even if your focal point is the TV, you should arrange your living room furniture for easy conversation so no one has to yell or turn their neck.

Have seats face each other and pull furniture away from the walls when possible to create a more intimate ideal for chatting.

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And Create Balance with Symmetry

Balance is desired when possible so your living room doesn’t feel haphazard or awkward, the opposite effect you want to achieve.

How exactly do you achieve balance in a space? You might, for example, place two chairs or a loveseat across from a sofa.

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Lastly, after you’ve decided where furniture pieces are going to go, center your living room setup with an area rug to define the space.

We hope our tips for arranging your living room have been helpful. The best way to arrange your living room may not be obvious from the start, so take some time to move things around and play with the layout if necessary.

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