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What’s the Most Comfortable Chair Design for Working at a Computer?

Whether you work on a computer or are taking online classes, you need a comfortable chair for all of those hours you spend on the computer. 

Being comfortable while you’re working isn’t just a matter of preference; it’s a necessity for both your work and your health, so consider these chair design options for your workspace.

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Latest Chair Designs in 2020

According to Beyond the Office Door, the Steelcase Leap ($811), the Humanscale Diffrient Smart ($899), and the NXT Level Alpha Chair ($299) models are among the most comfortable office chairs of 2020. 

These latest commercial chair designs are comfortable because of their padding, lumbar support, and adjustability, making them great options for those who spend any length of time on the computer. 

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A downside to these chairs, however, is their expense (especially the first two models). If you’re unable to invest in a pricy office chair but still want to be comfortable, keep an eye out for the following features as you shop for a chair. 

Features to Look for in Chair Design

At minimum, an office chair should have adjustable seat height, arms, and casters; sitting at the right height is especially important for computer work so your arms, shoulders, and neck aren’t strained reaching too high or too low for the keyboard. 

Lumbar support, adjustable backrests, and breathable, comfy padding are other important features in chair design to look for, especially if you experience back pain. 

You’ll also want to make sure that the seat depth and width suits you and that the adjustment controls are easy to operate from a sitting position to avoid strain. 

Support Cushions

If back pain is your primary concern and the office chairs you try aren’t comfortable enough, get proper support cushions to address pain points.

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There are a number of support cushions on the market, but for sitting in a desk chair, we recommend a seat cushion or a lumbar support cushion; the former takes pressure off the coccyx, and the latter provides additional lumbar support. 

We hope our suggestions for office chair design help add more comfort and productivity to your work day. What’s the most important feature of an office chair for you? Tell us in the comments!

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